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The important role of noise reduction microphone

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Nowadays, noise reduction microphone is a very practical technology. Because of this, many reviewers will compare the noise reduction level of different mobile phones horizontally. Next, Boros Technology will introduce the important role of noise reduction microphone. .

Noise reduction microphone is a word that can often be heard nowadays, especially after this technology is used by Apple mobile phones, noise reduction microphone has almost become the standard configuration of major brand mobile phones.

The so-called noise reduction microphone is the use of the microphone to physically actively eliminate noise. After collecting and processing the external sound, it emits sound waves opposite to the noise, and uses the principle of cancellation to eliminate the noise. Many people may ask why the noise reduction microphone is not placed together with the main microphone, but on the camera or the top frame. It is necessary to understand the working principle of the noise reduction microphone.

The important role of noise reduction microphone

The noise reduction principle of noise reduction microphone is not difficult to understand, because the positions of the two microphones are different, and the collected audio signals are also different. To put it simply, the two microphones are one farther away from your mouth and the other closer. Those closer to your mouth will collect more vocals, and those farther away will collect more noise.

The human voice collected by these two microphones generally has a volume difference (about 6 decibels), and the mobile phone processor uses the different sounds collected by the two microphones for processing, and automatically generates sound waves opposite to the noise for active use Cancel the noise. Generally speaking, when the sound wave of the noise is +5, the processor will give an instruction to make the noise reduction microphone emit a sound wave of -5 for a positive and negative cancellation, so that the noise reduction microphone will filter the noise.
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