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What to do if Amazon is sold at midnight

2021-02-21 549
First, if the product has been followed up, it is recommended that the seller contact the follower and issue a warning to stop the follow-up. Sending an internal letter or emailing to inform the sellers to remove the shelves and sell the products, some sellers are new stores and do not understand Amazon's rules, and may not deliberately follow the sales. This warning method is very useful.

Second, Amazon has launched an anti-following plan. The platform will provide exclusive products for the cooperative merchants of this plan. The product supplier is the only one who naturally eliminates follow-up. No seller will have trouble with his own platform, sellers join the Amazon anti-following program, and then they can say goodbye to follow-up behavior. But in this case, due to product copyright issues, sellers can only sell on Amazon or self-built independent stations in the future, and cannot switch to other e-commerce platforms.

What to do if Amazon is sold at midnight

Third, products that have been registered can directly file a complaint to the Amazon platform. Brand registration must be the first step, so that a complaint followed by a complaint will work because Amazon has a protection policy for branded products. If the brand is filed after the seller is followed, the effect will not be so good. This may even lead to brand disputes. We have no definite evidence to prove that this product is the first release in our store.

Fourth, the best way to prevent follow-up is to apply for product patents. The effect is immediate, but patent applications require professional companies to do it. They will have a special legal department. The department has lawyers who have a cooperative relationship with Amazon to specialize in this business. Although the threshold is high, there are patented product complaints. The effect is very fast. As long as someone dares to follow suit, basically every complaint will be accepted. Amazon's policy on patent protection is very strict.
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