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What is Amazon tax audit? Amazon tax policy notice

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What is Amazon tax audit? Many sellers sometimes receive investigations related to Amazon tax information. What is a tax audit? Tax audit is to confirm that your company and individual are not in the United States. Most of our sellers in mainland China are non-American and non-Chinese. If you are an overseas seller, your US identity or a US company, fill in it according to the specific situation.

Amazon tax policy notes:
Between the parties to the agreement, you will be responsible for collecting and paying all your taxes, except in the following cases:
(1) Amazon automatically calculates, collects, or pays taxes on your behalf in accordance with applicable laws (for more information, please refer to the FAQ on Taxation in the Mall).
(2) Amazon expressly agrees to collect taxes or other transaction-based fees on your behalf (related to the tax calculation service Amazon provides to you).

All fees payable by you pursuant to this agreement do not include any sales tax, use tax and similar taxes, and you must pay any taxes due for such amounts. According to legal requirements, there will be no deductions or withholdings (including but not limited to cross-border withholding taxes) for all fees paid to Amazon in accordance with this agreement. If any payment requires any such deduction or withholding, you will pay the necessary additional fees so that the net amount received by Amazon is equal to the amount due and payable in this agreement.

What is Amazon tax audit? Amazon tax policy notice

Unless otherwise provided in this agreement, you will be deemed to agree that Amazon has no obligation to determine whether taxes should be levied, and Amazon is not responsible for collecting, reporting or paying any taxes or fees arising from any transaction. However, if the tax authorities require us to pay any of your taxes, you should reimburse us immediately. If the goods are shipped from outside the country/region of your choice, the recipient of the goods may be required to pay the assessed sales tax, goods and services tax, use tax, franchise tax, import tax, value-added tax or Other taxes/duties. Such taxes or duties (if any) are not included in Amazon’s sales revenue.

How to fill in the Amazon tax information survey:
In the tax information investigation, the first item on the page is the two options of "personal" and "business". For individuals, Amazon sellers generally literally mean a single person and a wholly-owned company. The joint venture and joint-stock company are choosing business.
When Amazon sellers choose individual registration, they must use pinyin to spell the name of the registrant. The business is stock or joint venture, and the name of the person is not displayed. Amazon sellers can write the company's business license.
The above is what Amazon tax audit is and other related content sharing.
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