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The type of microphone, how to choose a microphone that suits you

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Nowadays, microphones have become an indispensable part of our daily lives. The so-called academic strengths, technical expertise, and microphones are the same. Different types of microphones have different uses. There are not only a wide variety of microphones, but also special functions. So whether you use a microphone or buy a microphone, you must choose. The choice of microphone is usually based on the occasion of use, the purpose of use, and the performance and sound quality of the microphone.

According to the different principles of microphone energy conversion, it can be divided into electric type (moving coil type, belt type), capacitive type, electromagnetic type, semiconductor type, and voltage type. Electric microphones have a long history and are widely used. The true condenser microphone is favored by the majority of recording workers with its excellent performance and has now become the mainstream.

The type of microphone, how to choose a microphone that suits you

According to the directivity of the microphone, the microphone can also be divided into omnidirectional (omnidirectional), bidirectional, unidirectional, cardioid directivity, super cardioid directivity, and acute-angle directivity.

According to different microphone functions or occasions, microphones can be divided into ordinary microphones, special microphones, stereo microphones, handheld microphones, proximity microphones, lavalier microphones, gun microphones, measurement microphones, etc.

Choosing a microphone must first be based on the purpose and purpose of use. For example, for general home recording, you don’t necessarily need a very advanced microphone. You can use a dynamic or electret microphone. This type of microphone is low in price, easy to use, and robust. durable.

If it is a professional stage amplification or professional recording, a microphone with high technical indicators must be selected, and the selection must also be combined with the sound source, the sound pickup environment and the connected equipment. Generally speaking, it is better to use condenser microphones to record musical instruments, and to use dynamic microphones to record voices, but this is not absolute.
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