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Classification and characteristics of earphones and wire

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According to the principle of energy conversion
There are mainly two categories of dynamic and electrostatic earphones. Although there are several types of equal magnetic types other than these two types, they have been eliminated or have very little market share for professional use, so I will not discuss them here. .
Principle of moving coil earphones: At present, most (about 99%) earphone earplugs belong to this type. The principle is similar to ordinary speakers. The coil in a permanent magnetic field is connected to the diaphragm, and the coil drives the diaphragm to sound under the signal current.
Principle of electrostatic earphones: The diaphragm is in a changing electric field, the diaphragm is extremely thin, accurate to a few microns, and the coil drives the diaphragm to sound under the drive of the electric field.
2: According to the degree of openness
Mainly open, semi-open, closed (closed)
Open style: Headphones generally have a natural sense of hearing and are comfortable to wear. The sound can be leaked, and vice versa, the outside world can also be heard. Headphones exert less pressure on the ears
Semi-open: There are no strict regulations, the sound can only enter but not exit, or only exit but not enter, and make corresponding adjustments as needed
Closed type: The earmuffs put a lot of pressure on the ears to prevent the sound from entering and exiting, and the sound is correctly positioned and clear. This is more common in the professional monitoring field. However, this type of headphones has a disadvantage that the bass is seriously stained.
3: According to purpose
Mainly home, portable, monitor, mixing, head record
Home earphones: Home earphones are usually very cheap and have good sound quality.
Portable headphones: generally earplugs.
Monitor earphones: Monitor earphones are earphones without timbre rendering, and are relative to HIFI earphones. Through the monitoring headphones, you can hear the sound quality that is closest to the reality without any modification. It is widely used in recording studios, dubbing rooms, TV stations, radio stations, and MIDI studios.
Mixing earphones: earphones that can listen to the playing music and mixed sound at the same time.
Human head record: It is to install the miniature microphone into the ear canal of the artificial human head to simulate the whole process of human hearing. As realistic as possible, the simulated human being is affected by the sound.

Classification and characteristics of earphones and wire

About earphone wire
Most of the headphone cables are made of copper, and the general purity (usually expressed by a few N, such as 4N, 6N...) The higher the conductivity, the lower the signal distortion. Common ones are:
TPC (Electrolytic Copper): 99.5% purity
OFC (Oxygen Free Copper): The purity is 99.995%
LC-OFC (linear crystalline oxygen-free copper or crystalline oxygen-free copper): purity above 99.995%
OCC (single crystal oxygen-free copper): the highest purity, above 99.996%, is divided into PC-OCC and UP-OCC
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