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Is there still a chance to become Amazon in 2021

2021-01-29 1791
Today is the first working day in 2021, and it is also the eighth year that George has been engaged in cross-border e-commerce B2C. Today, my team and I reviewed the past year and summarized and planned the new year’s goals and plans. Share my understanding of the current Amazon business, in response to a question that many friends often ask: Is there still a chance to become an Amazon?

Although the past year was not ordinary, I believe that with the persistence and efforts of all cross-border e-commerce companies, we have found that 2020 will give us more gains and breakthroughs. It seems that under the impact of the global epidemic, cross-border e-commerce outbreak points Is approaching.

1. From the macro level of the world, we can foresee opportunities in 2021
Global consumers in the epidemic have formed an online shopping habit, and Amazon platform sales have increased by 42%
The record-breaking low interest rates of central banks around the world stimulate the economy and boost consumption
The U.S. unlimited monetary easing policy and multiple rounds of huge economic stimulus packages
The Sino-US trade war may be improved after Biden takes office, which is expected to reduce cross-border trade risks
The China-EU investment agreement is reached, economic and trade relations are upgraded and the development potential of high-consumption markets in Europe and America is huge

China officially joins RCEP, Southeast Asia will be a new hot spot for China's cross-border e-commerce

2. Platform selection. From the analysis of cross-border e-commerce platform traffic and sales, with the exception of mainland China, Amazon accounts for 49.1% of global sales, ranking first in traffic among all mature consumer developed countries. Therefore, George suggested that new sellers, transformation factories, domestic e-commerce and existing Amazon sellers should still use Amazon as the first cross-border sales channel. For mature and capable sellers, you can focus on the incremental development of self-built stations, Wal-Mart, AliExpress and other channels this year.

3. Target market, Amazon currently has 16 country sites open to Chinese sellers: North America: the United States, Canada, Mexico; Europe: Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Sweden; Asia: Japan, India, Singapore ; Australia; Middle East: UAE, Saudi Arabia. Which country to choose? According to the sales ratio of each Amazon site and the unprecedented economic stimulus plan in the United States, it is strongly recommended to give priority to the U.S. site. For sellers with mature and refined operation models of operations and products, more energy can be invested in Europe ,Japan. If you are a seller of goods distribution mode, you can consider Singapore Station, Middle East Station, etc.

4. The number of stores. Due to the high operating risks of Amazon accounts, Amazon’s restrictions on warehousing, evaluation, performance, intellectual property rights, etc., it is strongly recommended that you have at least 2 Amazon accounts.

5. Brand protection, must register the target market trademark, complete the Amazon brand filing, sellers without a brand will have difficulty on Amazon, and have a brand accelerator store as much as possible.

Is there still a chance to become Amazon in 2021

Now there is more than a month before the spring holiday, and the Amazon China team has already started a new round of investment promotion. If you want to start a cross-border e-commerce business this year, I suggest you complete the following tasks as soon as possible in January:

To open an Amazon store, you must contact the official Amazon investment manager to apply;
Data-based product selection, understand Amazon’s red lines such as infringement, prohibition and restriction of sales, classification review, etc., data-based product selection from multiple dimensions such as market, industry, competing products, and profit, and consider sales nodes such as Valentine’s Day, Easter and Prime Day. Good selection and sales planning;
Create Listing and create high-quality and high-conversion product pages through eight dimensions
There are strategic shipments and sales in the United States, Europe, and Japan. You must use Amazon's FBA service so that you can quickly get Buybox. In the new product period, you can use the small-batch multi-frequency strategy for delivery and replenishment.
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