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How much do you know about headset types and functions?

2021-02-20 464
Next, the editor will explain to you the headphones sold on the market

Classification, functions and advantages and disadvantages of headphones.
First of all, earphones can be divided into three main categories: earphones, headsets, and earplugs. Judging by the sound quality, the sound quality ratio of the same price is: earphone> earplugs> headset. The headphone classification mentioned here is specifically for listening to music. Headphones and earplugs do not come with a microphone, and headsets with a microphone. But under normal circumstances, if you are not a headset enthusiast, most of us choose headsets with microphones, which can be divided into the following types according to their different wearing methods.

Headphones are generally worn when playing games. They are divided into closed, open and semi-open styles. The closed style has the best sound insulation effect, but the microphone is prone to barrel sound when speaking; the open style sound is more natural, but the sound insulation is relatively better. Poor; the semi-closed type is the more moderate choice of the first two.

Flat-head earplugs, one of the more common ones, are more comfortable to wear and soundproof.

In-ear earplugs have good sound insulation and are prone to discomfort when worn, and poor hygiene can easily cause ear infections.

Ear hook
There are earplugs and in-ear earphones that hang on the ears. Compared with the previous ones, they will be more firm to wear, but the sound insulation effect is relatively poor.

Rear hanging

Rear-mounted earphones are very similar to ear-mounted earphones. They are very firm to wear and are generally suitable for wearing during exercise. The sound insulation effect and sound quality are also average.

How much do you know about headset types and functions?

The so-called custom earphones are earphones that are completely customized according to the shape of each person's ear canal. They can almost be completely soundproof and are very comfortable to wear, but their price is very expensive compared to the previous one.

The main function of the headset
The main functions of the headset are roughly divided into 6 types: monitor type, HIFI type, game movie type, noise reduction type, portable, sports type. If you only consider music, the sound quality of the same price headset with different functions is roughly: HIFI type> monitor Style>portable>noise reduction style>game movie style>sports style.

HIFI style
HIFI earphones are earphones designed mainly for listening to music. The sound has its own characteristics, but they are generally designed for a certain tone, such as human voice or musical instrument performance. Music is not very capable of achieving the best results.

Unlike the HIFI style, it is not as targeted as the HIFI style. On the contrary, the monitor style headphones are mainly designed to hear all the sound details. The sound quality is relatively good. It is good to appreciate any sound, but because of this, no matter what the sound is. There is no best.

You can choose this one if you don't have too high sound quality requirements. The quality is light and the purpose is only to facilitate carrying, so the sound quality and sound insulation effect are relatively general, and the wearing comfort is also very general.

Noise reduction
As the name suggests, noise-canceling headphones are mainly used to reduce environmental noise. Even in a noisy environment, you can enjoy music well, but due to noise reduction, the sound quality will be reduced and the price will be higher.

Game movie style
Headphones designed mainly for the purpose of simulating multi-channels. When playing games or watching movies, the sound heard will be very three-dimensional, very shocking, and the sound positioning is very clear, but it will be relatively poor when used to enjoy music some.

It is very strong to wear, mostly ear-hook and rear-hook. It is suitable for sports scenes, the kind that can't shake, but the sound quality is relatively the worst, and the sound insulation effect is not very good.
The article is about to end here. The above is the dry goods about the earphone classification searched and organized by Xiaobian Baidu, only a brief narrative, I hope that the audience can be helpful when choosing earphones.
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