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Speaker types and differences

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There are many types of speakers, and the prices of various speakers are very different, and the functions are also different. Many people often choose unsuitable speakers because they don't understand the actual application scenarios of audio. This leads to overkill, asymmetry in investment and benefits, and even a waste of resources in real-life applications.

Modern manufacturing technology has given the audio a new life. A variety of audio devices, from small and exquisite that can be put in a pocket, to equipment that can only be pulled by a few trucks, are endless. For example: mobile audio, mini audio, U disk radio audio, bookshelf audio, floor-to-ceiling audio, home theater, surround audio, karaoke audio, square audio, stage audio, conference audio, hotel, bookstore audio, bar audio, etc. Please remember that if it can be called a sound, its sound effect should have three elements: tone, tone, and loudness.

Everything should be people-oriented, and audio is no exception. From the perspective of human needs, audio can be divided into three categories: personal audio; home audio; and applied audio. People see a lot of personal audio and home audio, and they may be easier to understand. The application audio is professional and not commonly used, so it is a bit strange. This is why this article wants to focus on.

Applied sound is the sound used in public places. Including: square sound, square dance speaker, karaoke sound, conference sound, stage sound, storefront sound and so on. What is the difference between this type of audio? What is the difference? Let's talk about the difference between square audio and square dance audio, and how to distinguish it. The main feature of square sound is the need for a large environment. For example, the military parade in Tiananmen Square, from the podium to the soldiers on the street array, all need sound. This is a huge sound project. Another example is the morning exercises on campus, which can be heard by hundreds of students. So, what about square dance speakers? She is a team, and the speakers that can be heard by a few, tens, or hundreds of people are OK. Obviously, it is distinguished by the size of the space and the number of personnel. Therefore, the distinction between square sound and square dance sound, from the perspective of the required power, square sound is high-power, while square dance sound is low-power. From the perspective of control, the square sound is controlled by professionals, and the square dance sound can be controlled by everyone.

Speaker types and differences

In this way, a conclusion can be drawn that the methods of distinguishing sound include the size of the environment, the size of the power, and the degree of difficulty of control. This is one of the different methods. Secondly, the use of functions is also an important means of differentiation. Still take the square sound and square dance sound as examples. In the square sound system, people need to play background music before entering the venue. Sometimes there are branch venues that require sound synchronization. The host can use a wired microphone, and the review leader needs a wireless microphone. The soldiers’ answers need feedback, and the audience’s cheers need to be added. The singer's singing needs to be set off (synchronization and synthesis), etc., and the cooperation of the directors of all parties, and the director of the master control room, can successfully complete the square's amplification, pickup, synchronization, synthesis, editing and broadcasting, and master control. As for the square dance sound, it can be said that she is pure, as long as she can broadcast music or speech or K song. The functional difference is huge. This leads to the difference in investment price.

From the above examples, it can be seen that the application audio can be distinguished from five aspects: 1. The difference of the application environment; 2. The difference of the power size; 3. The difference of the control difficulty; 4. The difference of the function; 5. The difference of the price.

For example, stage sound, conference sound, karaoke sound, common and main differences. All three types of speakers can be used for amplification, listening to music and even K song. The difference is that 1. The application environment is different. Stage sound is used in the outdoor plaza of Guangting public or the performance stage of cinema theater. Conference speakers are mostly used in serious indoor situations. K song sound is the opposite, it is the sound of "hip-hop occasion".

2. The power is different. The stage sound is 300W as small as 3000W or more. Conference speakers usually have dozens of people, and less than 300W is enough. Karaoke audio is about 300W.

3. The control is different, the stage sound needs a professional tuner. Conference audio, the general level, the staff can master it. Karaoke speakers are generally fully automatic and can be used by adults and children. It is another matter to use it well or not.

4. The functions of the stage sound are different, and the functional requirements of the stage sound are comprehensive, including meeting functions, karaoke functions, professional amplification, professional pickup, music sound effects, sound scheduling, master control, etc., as long as the various forms of performance require To meet and do it. The conference audio is relatively single, as long as it can ensure the sound reinforcement of the conference and provide a recording interface. The important functions of karaoke speakers are "reverberation" and "crazy singing". The purpose of reverberation can conceal many of the defects of singing, give the singer a sense of space and increase confidence. The "sing wildly" function is to prevent people who are drunk or want to vent their anger from shouting desperately into the microphone. If there is no "crazy singing" function, the speaker will either burn or the speaker will break.

5. The price is different. In general, stage audio is the most expensive, followed by karaoke audio, and finally conference audio. Of course, this is only rough, the same brand. What determines the price level is actually closely related to the audio brand. Understand these differences, you can select the appropriate audio and play its due benefits.
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