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Collection of QA Operations by Amazon (1804-1813)

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Q1804: Is it suitable for advertising when the inventory is low?
Advertising can be opened when the inventory is low, but it is recommended to appropriately reduce the advertising budget and bidding. The most important thing is to ensure that the inventory can be replenished as soon as possible.

Q1805: If an advertisement is opened, will it be affected if there is no inventory? Will the ad be automatically cut off?
When there is no inventory, the advertisement is automatically paused.

Q1806: Advertising for new products. Is manual advertising better? Or automatic advertising is better?
It is generally recommended to start automatic advertising first, you can collect some advertising data, and then you can place manual advertising according to the situation.

Q1807: What is the recommended daily budget for new product advertising?
Each product has a different budget, and there is no specific standard for this. As a small seller, it is recommended to set it at 20-30 times the bid price, which is equivalent to your ads being clicked at least 20 to 30 times a day.

Collection of QA Operations by Amazon (1804-1813)

Q1808: I have a link price with a wrong decimal point. I sold more than 70 orders and lost money. Is there any way to cancel these orders?
You can open an emergency case and let the customer service cancel it for you.

Q1809: Can I cancel all wrong orders if I find customer service through case?
Not necessarily, orders that have entered the delivery state cannot be cancelled.

Q1810: What is prime exclusive discount?
Prime exclusive discounts are price discounts for Amazon Prime members.

Q1811: Where are the Prime discounts displayed?
In the search results and on the product detail page, products offering Prime exclusive discounts will display strikethrough pricing and savings messages to Prime members. You can refer to the domestic Jingdong page.

Q1812: How much does it cost to set up a Prime discount?
There is no charge for offering Prime exclusive discounts.

Q1813: What types of Prime exclusive discounts are there?
Prime exclusive discounts can be set as percentage discounts or amount discounts, similar to coupons. Sellers can provide a minimum discount price limit for each item.
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