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Can't find the product on Amazon? Possible answer is here

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Many sellers have asked this question: Why is my product already on the shelves, but it is not searchable on Amazon?
There is no clear answer to this question, because the specific situation of each product may be different.
What we are going to do is to clarify the reasons why the products cannot be searched one by one, and then find the reasons why the products cannot be searched according to our own situation.
In fact, not just new products, including some old products, in daily operations, sellers also need to search their listing rankings with main keywords from time to time.
The purpose of this is to check the ranking of the product in the main keywords, and to determine whether the status of your listing is safe.
Many software can replace these tasks.
However, even with the support of software, I occasionally need to check it. This is one of the important aspects for myself to continuously revise my product operation strategy.
Today we will analyze the possible reasons for this. Seller friends can prescribe the right medicine according to their own situation.

1. The receiving address at the front desk is incorrect
When the seller registers a seller account, Amazon will send you a buyer account.
And when you go to the front desk to search for your products, you use this buyer account included with Amazon.
Because your seller account is registered with Chinese information and address, this buyer account is also the default Chinese address.
However, merchandise on Amazon America or other sites will generally not be shipped to China in the default logistics settings.
So, if you can't search for your product at the front desk of Amazon, you can first check whether the address of your buyer account is set to China.
The interface displayed for the address of the buyer's account is as follows:
Fill in a U.S. address and zip code to solve the problem of being unable to be searched because of the address.
When you set your own delivery address to a local address in the United States, then you are equivalent to searching for products in the United States.

You can also see all the product search results that Americans can see.

Can't find the product on Amazon? Possible answer is here

2. The weight is too low
If you want to search for a product that you have just launched, if you can’t search for this product with keywords, it may be the reason why the weight of this listing is too low.
As we all know, Amazon ranks a product on a certain keyword by weight.
Those with high weight will be ranked at the front of the keyword search interface, and those with low weight will naturally be ranked at the back.
This is the same as the classroom ranking of elementary school students. Students with good grades will always sit in the middle of the first row.
So what is the weight determined? The weight is determined by the conversion rate, sales volume, number and quality of ratings, price and other factors of the listing.
When a new product is just launched, these factors cannot compete with existing products, so it is understandable that a product that has just launched is ranked at the end of the keyword.
Now, when customers do not choose specific product categories, Amazon only displays the search results of the first 7 pages for each keyword.
Only when you choose a specific product category, Amazon will expand the search results to 400 pages.
In other words, if your product is not ranked in the top 7 pages under a certain keyword, consumers will not be able to search for your product to a large extent.
Because very few customers set up specific product categories when searching, most buyers search for products through "All (all categories)".
So, if it is this reason that your product cannot be searched, the simplest and most direct way is to increase the conversion rate, so that the product ranking under the keyword item squeezes to the front of the search page.

3. The product is suddenly not searchable
Some sellers’ listings will suddenly appear unsearchable under normal sales conditions.
At this time, first check the product editing interface of the seller's backend to see if there will be a "prohibited display" sign.
If there is a "prohibited display" sign, the listing is blocked by Amazon.
Generally, Amazon will give a clear explanation next to the "prohibited display" sign for the reasons for being blocked.
Just follow the instructions in the instructions to correct and update the listing.
If it says "On Sale" in the background, but your product can't be searched suddenly, check whether your product is marked as "adult product".
If your product has the information in the red box above, it means that your product has been classified as an "adult product" category.
Adult products cannot be searched, and can only be found through the product category tree.
So your product will appear unsearchable.
So why is your product classified as a human purpose?
There may be many reasons. It may be a spoof by your competitor, or a certain keyword in the listing that has triggered Amazon's system review.
When the system mistakenly thinks that this is an adult product, it will automatically classify this product under the adult category.
The solution to this problem is also very simple, just open a case in the background to prove that you are not selling adult products.
These are the three main reasons why products are not searchable on Amazon.
Of course, there are some less common reasons, I will continue to share with you in future articles.
Hope the above content can bring you a little bit of harvest.
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