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Collection of QA Operations by Amazon (1784-1793)

2021-02-19 515
Q1784: When registering a store, do I need a translated version of the business license notarization?
No translation is required, Chinese is fine.

Q1785: After the product is on the shelf, there are some missing product attributes in the listing. Can you fill in again? Will it affect listing ranking or store weight?
It can be filled. If it is a new product, it will not have a big impact. If there is a new product later, try to fill it out all at once.

Q1786: Can I advertise after the goods are displayed for sale?
FBA shows that there is inventory, and the listing has a shopping cart, which is eligible for advertising.

Q1787: For new products, is the earlier the advertisement open, the better?
1. If you have more reliable evaluation resources, it will be better to post a few comments before advertising;

2. If you don't have evaluation resources, you can start advertising to increase traffic.

Collection of QA Operations by Amazon (1784-1793)

Q1788: My goods arrive at the FBA warehouse, but only 1 piece is displayed for sale, and all the others are displayed for transshipment in the operation center. Does this mean that the goods are not easy to sell? Want to transfer in multiple places?
This does not indicate whether the product is good or not. Distributing to multiple warehouses is also a regular operation of Amazon, in order to be able to complete the delivery of buyers in different places faster.

Q1789: It has been two days since Amazon gave the customer a refund for the order, and the customer said that they have not received the refund. What happened? Can I check the refund details?
If you need to ask the buyer to contact the buyer's customer service, the seller cannot find the refund details.

Q1790: How to choose the main core keywords of a product? For example, my product is wireless skipping. So the main key word of this product is wireless skipping or skipping rope?
The main core keywords are strongly related to the product. The most accurate word is wireless skipping.

Q1791: Is there any problem with VPS login for a newly registered store?
It is recommended to upload one or two products first, and leave it for a few days before logging in with VPS.

Q1792: I use a mobile phone hotspot to launch a WiFi registered shop, and the IP address will always change. Does it matter?
Mobile hotspots can be registered, no problem.

Q1793: When registering a store, Amazon asked to provide a notarized copy of the business license. What is this notarization?
The main purpose is for the notary office to prove that your business license is authentic.
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