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In 2021, can Amazon make money?

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"In 2021, can Amazon make money?"

This is a problem that can be seen everywhere.

Open Zhihu or any other forum, enter the keyword "Amazon", and a bunch of similar questions will come to you.

Such questions are obviously brought up by new players who have no knowledge of Amazon.

This also reflects a situation from the side, that is, although Amazon's sellers are becoming more competitive, there are still many novices who are ready to come in.

I said before that because of language barriers and poor information, there are many people who don't know about cross-border e-commerce in China.

Almost 90% of newcomers who are ready to enter the industry have learned some information about cross-border e-commerce from the institutional advertisements on Douyin, Kuaishou, and Toutiao.

The "beautiful descriptions" in those agency advertisements strengthened the prowler's swaying heart, but I was afraid of being deceived. That's why so many similar problems emerged.

So, it's 2021, can Amazon still make money?

Yes, of course, Amazon has been making money!

In 2021, can Amazon make money?

But the point of the novice seller's question is wrong.

The novice’s point is not whether Amazon can make money, the novice’s point is whether they can make money on Amazon.

Taobao is more competitive than Amazon, right? But I know a seller who only started to enter Taobao last year, and really made money in 2020.

Therefore, if you want to enter Amazon, you must first see if you have the strength to make money on Amazon.

We will not talk about those who are going to work in cross-border companies, because the salary of such people is basically fixed. Today we only talk about people who plan to start a business on Amazon.

First of all, do you have money?

This is a very practical problem. Sellers with insufficient budgets can’t do anything on Amazon.

The current product selection success rate is already excellent at 20%, which is the result of a large amount of experience.

Novice sellers stumble into the market, choose 10 products, and finally one survives.

What are the reasons for the failure? Too much.

It may be that the competition of the selected product is fierce, and there is no traffic after the product goes online.

It may also be that the product is inadvertently infringed, the listing is directly taken down, and so on.

These failed products are all piled up with white money.

There are also some service items that Amazon must have, and the current prices are also surprisingly high.

Report a BD, more than 1,000 oceans will be gone.

I filed a complaint, and I lost 10,000 to 20,000.

These things also need money to support.

Of course, some unpopular products for sub-category purposes may not require a lot of money to operate, and 20,000 to 30,000 may be able to achieve big things with small money.

But such products are not easy to find, and as more and more people come in, such product categories are gradually becoming crowded.

I'm not trying to persuade novice sellers, I just show you the facts.

If you only have 10 dollars at your disposal now, you'd better come in with only 7 dollars, don't all in, don't stud, save some spare funds for yourself.

If you want to borrow money to come in, I advise you to stop. Things that are too risky, you must be cautious no matter how high the returns are.

Secondly, do you not discipline yourself?

Working for yourself and working for the boss of the company are completely different things.

Working in a company, everyone is a screw, and a short period of laziness may not affect your job stability.

But what about working for yourself? That really cannot tolerate the slightest sloppy.

Do you want to deal with the mail? Well, after 24 hours it will be counted as performance.

Did you respond to a bad review? Well, the conversion rate of the product may drop to freezing point in the next second.

Starting a business Amazon has too many things you need to consider, deal with, and make decisions.

Want to go to bed at 8 at night? If it doesn't exist, the night is the best time to study operational technology and competitors.

Want to stay in bed in the morning? You won't have this idea after you start a business, because you can't wait to see how many orders your store made last night.

So, if you are a person who is not self-disciplined, if you can't let yourself be 100% invested in the Amazon entrepreneurship you will be engaged in, then the entrepreneurial path is not suitable for you.

Finally, do you love learning?

I have always believed that learning is a lifelong career, and this career has no end.

As someone who starts Amazon, learning is even more important.

Many novice sellers who have just entered Amazon are addicted to some Amazon WeChat groups and cannot extricate themselves. In fact, those fragmented chat records cannot bring you a substantial improvement in operating technology.

Many novices ask questions or questions:

How to edit a listing?

How to upload a new shipment?

How to print product label?

In fact, these things can be solved by a complete article, so you don't need to spend a lot of time on WeChat group chats.

Every novice seller actually has to make his own operational notes.

What new operational knowledge did I learn today?

What operational knowledge do I need to supplement today?

What practical skills do I need to practice?

Ask questions every day, solve your own problems every day, and make notes.

How can you not make progress if you accumulate so much.

Fragmented things often come in from the left ear and come out from the right ear.

To transform the learned knowledge into one's own, systematic combing and absorption and regular review are essential.

Hope the above content can bring you a little bit of harvest.
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