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Overview of the basic knowledge of noise-canceling microphones

2021-02-19 473
Noise reduction microphone is a word that can often be heard nowadays, especially after this technology is used by Apple mobile phones, noise reduction microphone has almost become the standard configuration of major brand mobile phones. Zeshui next introduces the basic knowledge of noise reduction microphones.

The noise reduction microphone is to use the microphone to physically and actively eliminate the noise. After collecting and processing the external sound, it emits a sound wave opposite to the noise, and the cancellation principle is used to eliminate the noise. Many people may ask why the noise reduction microphone is not placed together with the main microphone, but on the camera or the top frame, which requires an understanding of the working principle of the noise reduction microphone.

Overview of the basic knowledge of noise-canceling microphones

Noise-cancelling microphones are simple to say, but it is more difficult to make them well. Because the mobile phone is inherently small, the noise-cancelling microphone and the main microphone cannot be too far apart. While the noise-cancelling microphone can filter out the noise, it may also be useful The sound is filtered out, so the hardware and filtering software algorithms are still very particular, and the test is also the skill of the mobile phone manufacturer. The noise reduction microphone should be as far away from the main microphone as possible. If the noise reduction microphone is not set in the opposite direction, but very close to your main microphone, then the two microphones receive the same content, and the noise reduction microphone will be impossible to talk about .
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