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Application classification of headphones

2021-02-19 584
Speaking of headphones, here I want to share with you my knowledge of headphones

In general, headphones can be divided into two categories. One type is wired headset; the other is wireless headset.
Wired and wireless can be divided into three categories: "ordinary headsets, computer headsets, and telephone headsets."

Ordinary earphones-Ordinary earphones are the most widely used, including MP3 MP4 mobile phones and so on. Many mobile phones now come standard with headphones. So almost one person. The market price is relatively low, of course, there are also very expensive. What are those magic sounds! What original ones! In fact, the price of a brand is high. The cost is relatively small. The competitiveness is relatively large. This is simpler than the production process. It's also a matter of cheap materials

Application classification of headphones

Computer headsets-computer headsets are also widely used now, and almost every computer will come with one as standard. If conditions and requirements are available, they will also go to the market to buy a better one. After all, most of the headsets sent are Relatively poor. This should be one for almost every household. Internet cafes and the like are different. Their purchase of these headphones is amazing. Because the price is low. The damage rate is also very high. Almost every six months will be replaced. Batch. Now the market is more competitive. The wholesale price should be less than 20 yuan. I mean ordinary. Brands are also very expensive.

Telephony headset-maybe many people are confused when they hear the telephony headset. In fact, the telephony headset is not that difficult to understand. It is a telephone headset. The difference is that it requires production technology. The design and raw materials requirements are higher than the previous two High. It is a kind of professional headset. Because it is used in call centers, customer service staff and other workers who use headsets for a long time. Of course, many real estate/intermediary/property management/aviation/hotel/training institutions/small and medium-sized customer service are also gradually using this type of headset. So there are many things that must be considered in production design. The first is the long use time and the impact on the user, the second is the comfort, the third is the service life (under normal circumstances it is more than 3 years), the fourth is the durability of the product, the fifth is the speaker impedance, the sixth microphone Sensitivity,... so the relative price is relatively high. The low-priced products on the market generally use ordinary headset materials to make the headset. So these products are best bought from professional factories or companies.
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