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Shopee Overseas Warehouse Comprehensive Q&A Operation Guide

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As the shopee platform becomes more and more complete, the number of Chinese sellers continues to increase. Shopee is a local e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia. The platform is divided into Chinese sellers and local sellers. In daily sales competition, the diversification of product lines has always been the advantage of Chinese sellers, and the fast logistics speed has always been the advantage of local sellers. After all, as a Chinese seller, goods need to travel across the ocean.

For this reason, shopee has opened an overseas warehouse function, which allows Chinese sellers to store goods to warehouses in local countries and issue orders directly from the local delivery. In terms of logistics timeliness, they compete with local sellers, which further expands the advantages of Chinese sellers. .

However, it has been several months since Shopee's overseas warehouse function has been activated, and most of them are used by some old sellers and big sellers. New sellers know little about overseas warehouses. Our article here mainly introduces and popularizes shopee overseas warehouse knowledge and comprehensive Q&A.

What is No.1 overseas warehouse?

Overseas warehouses refer to sellers stocking goods in batches to local warehouses overseas (including Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, and Taiwan) to realize local sales and high-speed end-haul logistics.

No.2 What are the advantages of overseas warehouses?

The platform exposes resources for free, stores intelligent data transportation, lower first-haul transportation costs, and faster last-haul transportation

No.3 What sellers are suitable for signing up for overseas warehouses?

● The cost of air transportation of products is high (for example, the product is large or heavy), and sellers who want to reduce transportation costs ● Sellers who want to reduce the final delivery time and improve user experience ● Sellers who want more free exposure resources

No.4 How do new sellers register?

(i) Shopee invitation: Send an invitation once a month, which will be accurately reached by the account manager/email. (ii) Self-registration: All sites can register at any time. Please contact the account manager and provide the information needed to open the shop and the seller’s email address

Shopee Overseas Warehouse Comprehensive Q&A Operation Guide

How to generate the list of No.5Shopee invited sellers?

Shopee will score and rank based on the seller's existing store sales performance (such as daily order volume) and operational performance (such as chat response rate, store rating), and the top ranking will be included in the invitation list.

No.6 How long can I know the admission result after registration?

The registration results of each batch will be responded to within 2-3 days after Shopee sends the invitation.

No.7 What should I do when I sign up?

● All sites: Evaluate the sales performance of existing products, and combine the selection guide to select suitable new products in advance. ● Thailand: Please prepare a copy of your passport and bank certificate for your public account in advance (if not available, you can use the bank certificate for your private account )

No.8 Can I open more than one overseas warehouse store?

No, sellers can only open one overseas warehouse store at each site.

No.9 How to realize the drainage of SLS stores through overseas warehouse stores?

Through the shop in shop function, SLS and overseas warehouse stores are connected together to achieve the purpose of mutual drainage; sellers can customize the design of shop in shop display pages.

No.10 Does Shopee provide free customer service?

In Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Taiwan, there are Shopee customer service teams to respond to buyer chats. The service is free.

No.11 How to prevent "duplicated listing" from being removed due to uploading the same product as the SLS store?

Please contact your account manager to assist in filling out the form to avoid seller scoring due to repeated listings in overseas warehouses.

No.12 How do I sign up for a new product?

The first step: ask the account manager for the new product registration form, provide the category of the new product in the overseas warehouse store, the planned sales price (promo price), quantity (quantity), and the product id, model id, shop of the corresponding SLS store id. The above information is used for review by the Shopee Marketing Department. Step 2: For the products approved by the marketing department, please upload the seller to the newly opened overseas warehouse store and provide the product id and model id of the overseas warehouse store to the account manager. The above information is used to create the PO.

No.13 Does the new product have to be an existing product in the SLS store?

Not necessarily, not only can you upload existing products in the new SLS store, you can also upload new products (please attach links or product descriptions and pictures for the marketing department to review).

No.14 How to set product prices in overseas warehouses?

Cost price + first-way freight, no need to hide local logistics costs.

No.15 How many product types and inventory are suitable for each store?

Shopee has no hard requirements, but the recommendations are as follows: Indonesia: 10+ SKU, each SKU quantity>500 Malaysia: 10+ SKU, each SKU quantity>100 Thailand: 10+ SKU, each SKU quantity>100 (Note: flash sale At least 80 inventory is required) Philippines: 10+ SKU, each SKU quantity>30 (Note: flash sale requires at least 20 inventory) Taiwan: separate store 50+ SKU, each item quantity>50 (Note: flash sale requires at least 30 inventory, and will be locked in advance) Comprehensive store 10+ SKU, each item quantity>50 (Note: flash sale requires at least 30 inventory, and will be locked in advance)

No.16 After entering the warehouse, should the replenishment follow the batch?

Sellers are free to replenish goods on demand without following batches. For details, please consult your account manager. Note: New products need to be carried out in batches

How long will the product be on the shelf after No.17 arrives?

Usually it will be on the shelves 1-2 weeks after arrival, and the promotion period will be extended to 2-3 weeks.

No.18 After the overseas warehouse product is shipped, the delivery fails or is returned by the buyer, will it be sold again?

The product will be returned to the local warehouse first, and if it passes the quality inspection, it can be put on the shelf and sold again; if it fails, it will be handled by the local warehouse. Please contact the account manager for details.

No.19 When is the storage fee calculated?

The storage fee is calculated from the time the product is put on the shelf, not from the time the product arrives in the warehouse.

The No.20 product has not been put on the shelves for a period of time. Will it affect my charged amount?

It does not affect, the charge will start to calculate the warehouse age after the product is put on the shelf.
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