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Amazon platform monthly subscription fee monthly rent related issues

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Monthly fee

The monthly rent of Amazon stores is a topic that sellers cannot avoid, and we mainly talked about this in the last article.

To open a store on Amazon, you must pay a monthly service fee (monthly rent)

Take professional sales plan as standard, take North American station as an example

According to the above picture, you need to pay 39.99 US dollars. The goods ratio of sites in other countries may be slightly different. Japanese sites are Japanese yen, and European sites are British pounds and euros.

But the final price is adjusted at a price of 39.99 US dollars, which is basically 275 yuan a month.

As for how to deduct, it involves the dual-currency credit card you used when registering the store. This credit card is used to deduct the monthly rent of the Amazon store. As long as you have opened a professional sales plan, Amazon will automatically deduct it every month.

Monthly rental fees for Amazon sites

Open accounts on two or more Amazon sites (North America, Europe, Japan, Australia, India, Middle East, Singapore)

a\North American site monthly rent

Amazon platform monthly subscription fee monthly rent related issues

If you register for a North American joint account, you only need to pay the monthly rent of US$39.99/month, and you no longer need to pay the monthly rent of Canada and Mexico ($39.99/month).

b\Japan site monthly rent

The seller needs to pay a monthly rent of 4,900 yen per month

c\European site monthly rent and commission Amazon Europe site covers five countries sites in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, and Italy. You can register on Amazon Europe site, and you can use a European joint account to operate the business of the five countries site at the same time. For sellers, it is very simple and convenient!

The monthly rent only needs to pay a monthly rent of £25 or €39. (If you register your European seller account on Amazon UK site, you need to pay a monthly rent of £25;

If you register your European seller account on Amazon France, Germany, Spain, Italy, you need to pay a monthly rent of 39 euros. )

Several questions about the monthly rent of Amazon stores

For Amazon joint accounts, only one monthly rent is charged for several stations. If one of the joint accounts is blocked, will other websites be affected?

Personally, this mainly depends on your current actual business needs, that is, whether you want to enter various markets at the same time, as well as your actual controllable capital situation.

The joint account only charges a monthly store rent for one site, which is indeed a major benefit for many sellers who are committed to global deployment, but for many small and medium-sized sellers, funds and resources, time and energy are relatively limited. If Once opened, such as the European station, it will inevitably trigger the second review or kyc review. It will be a matter of time. When the time comes to submit the information and pass the review, it is natural for everyone to be happy. In case of emergency, we must consider the worst case. , It will affect other sites that are relatively easy to open and operate. At that time, this set of information is equivalent to invalid, and Amazon will consider it "non-compliant."

Therefore, from the perspective of Amazon account risk control security, it is not recommended. However, if it is a real seller and is sure to provide follow-up review information, and intends to enter the market in various countries in the short term, it is also possible to open it at the same time.

Amazon account review is too long, what should I do with the extra monthly rent?

There is no way, just hold it and wait for the review. If the account can be logged in, you can downgrade the individual in the settings, but after you review it, you will still need to review when you upgrade your professional, which is actually meaningless.

Is Amazon store monthly rent deducted from account balance or credit card?

For sellers who have not had sales before, they will be deducted from the credit card bound to the account; accounts that generate sales and have an account balance of more than $39.99 will be deducted from the account.

Can I cancel the monthly rent for Amazon stores?

Yes, after entering the seller's backstage, cancel the professional sales plan and keep the personal sales plan.

There are stores on multiple Amazon sites. Does each site have to pay monthly store rent?

Amazon’s new policy is that if sellers have stores in North America, Europe, Japan, and India, they will only charge a monthly store rent without repeating payment.

Can the monthly rent of the Amazon store be refunded? How to return?

For a new store that has no sales for three months, you can apply for a rent refund. In other cases, the monthly rent of the store is not refundable.

If the store has not uploaded the product yet, you can demote the store to an individual and ask the customer service to get back the monthly rent for these two months. Generally, it will be refunded. The e-mail will tell you your request directly, and say whether you can return the monthly rent to me if you haven't uploaded the product in a few months.

If the Amazon store is frozen, will the monthly rent be deducted?

No, if the store is frozen, it means that you have no sales authority, and Amazon will no longer deduct the monthly rent of the store.

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