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What are the advantages and disadvantages of the types of headphones?

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If you want to choose a headset, you need to understand the types of headsets

And what are the advantages and disadvantages of various types of headphones?
Because only after knowing the types and advantages and disadvantages of headphones
Only then can you choose a suitable headset.
Today, the earphone types for the earphone enthusiast Xiaobai
And the basic knowledge of the advantages and disadvantages of headphones is popularized.
What are the types of headphones?

1. Distinguish by the way of wearing earphones: mainly earplug type, in-ear type, head-mounted type and hanging ear type

2. Classification of the working principle of earphones: the common ones are mainly moving coil, moving iron, electrostatic type

Dynamic earphones: The efficiency is relatively high, most of them can be driven by the earphone output on the audio, which is widely used and reliable and durable.

Moving iron earphones: The advantages are long service life and high efficiency. The disadvantage is large distortion and narrow frequency response. The price is higher.

Electrostatic earphones: expensive, not easy to drive, and the sound pressure level that can be reached is not as large as that of moving coil earphones

But its response speed is fast, it can replay all kinds of tiny details, and the distortion is extremely low.

3. According to the purpose of the earphone, it is divided into: household, portable, monitor, and mixing

Home: Home headphones generally pay more attention to sound quality, but sacrifice in appearance and portability

Moreover, it is more difficult to push, and a more powerful front end is required to exert its strength.

Portable (Portable): While considering sound quality, this type of headset must also take into account portability and appearance

After all, no one wants to go out with their ugly headphones.

Mix: Mixing headphones are a kind of monitor headphones, suitable for DJ music monitor headphones.

4. According to the degree of openness, it can be divided into: open, semi-open and closed

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the types of headphones?

Open earphones: the general sense of hearing is natural and comfortable to wear

HIFI earphones commonly used for home appreciation, the sound can leak, and vice versa, the outside sound can also be heard

The earphones exert less pressure on the ears. Most headphones on the market are of open design.

Semi-open/semi-closed earphone

Semi-open style It combines the advantages of closed and open headphones

Some semi-open headphones also use a multi-diaphragm structure

In addition to an active active diaphragm, there are also multiple passive slave diaphragms

It makes the low frequency plump and soft, the high frequency bright and natural, and the level is clear.

Closed earphone

The earmuffs put a lot of pressure on the ears, and the pads are also made of sound-insulating materials to isolate external noise

At the same time, people around you will not hear the sound coming from the headset.

Advantages of closed earphones:

The sound is positioned correctly and clearly, the sound is surrounded by a strong sense, and the low-frequency flexibility is better. This is more common in the professional monitoring field.

Disadvantages of closed earphones:

The sound field is not as wide as the open style, and at the same time it has a somewhat false feeling, and the bass is heavily stained.

Five, headphone function classification

Monitor type: The design focus is to listen to the various details in the sound clearly.

Advantages: The sound is generally clearer, the sound quality is better, and everything is good to listen to;

Disadvantages: The human voice lacks emotion, and it seems that listening to everything is not the best result.

HIFI style: Focus on music appreciation.

Advantages: the sound is more distinctive, the music performance of the counterpart will be very charming, and the best effect can be achieved;

Disadvantages: generally targeted design

Especially suitable for vocals, but not suitable for musical instruments

Particularly suitable for musical instrument performance, but not suitable for vocals, it can be said that there are no sharp needles.

Game movie style:

Focus on analog multi-channel design.

Advantages: watching movies and playing games are very shocking, and the sound positioning is clear

Disadvantages: The effect of playing back music is not good.

Noise reduction type:

Focus on reducing environmental noise

Advantages: Even in a very noisy environment, you can hear music clearly

Disadvantages: the noise reduction algorithm will reduce the sound quality, and the price is relatively high

Sports style:

The design focus is on firmness.

Advantages: It is not easy to fall when worn, suitable for sports use;

Disadvantages: The sound quality is generally poor, and the wearing comfort is also poor.

In addition, headsets are also divided into wired headsets and Bluetooth headsets.

Wired headset:

The biggest advantage of wired earphones is that the sound quality will be slightly better

Moreover, it can be plugged in anytime, without charging, it is very worry-free for daily use

The disadvantage of wired earphones: it is the limitation of wired earphones, especially in outdoor sports

Or when you can’t get your hands free, wired will become a fetter

Put it in your pocket, the earphone cords are easily entangled, and it takes a long time to unbuckle

Bluetooth earphone:

The advantages of Bluetooth headsets: There is no bondage of the headset cord, and it is more convenient to use during sports or travel.

The biggest disadvantage of Bluetooth headsets: it needs to be charged

For a detailed introduction of the types of headphones and the advantages and disadvantages of various types of headphones, you can choose the headphones that suit you according to your needs. In addition, fans are welcome to leave a message and discuss progress together!
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