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Classification of headset wearing style

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Headphones can be said to be one of the electronic products we usually use. Whether on the way to work, at work or at home, the headphones are our best companions when we are alone. Today, the editor of Zeshui, I will introduce the classification of headphones for you, so that you can have a more comprehensive understanding of headphones.

Almost all earplugs can be classified into the plug-in type. The advantage of the plug-in type is its lightness and portability. Because of this advantage, almost all walkman devices are equipped with earplugs. However, please pay attention to the listening volume, especially on the road.
For devices such as small earplugs, the material used for the ear shell is not important, because the low power output of the driver is not enough to cause the ear shell to vibrate out of order to produce noise, so it is not wise to over-pursue whether the ear shell is made of metal. Yes, then again, the metal ear shells can bring a better feel and shape, and will be more new than the plastic shell. This is especially obvious after a year and a half of use, and it will appear more in appearance. Fashion point.

Earhook + plug-in

There are also some earplugs with hooks designed to make them more stable and suitable for sports. Due to the support of the wearing system, the earplugs do not need to be inserted into the ear canal, so there is a clear advantage in wearing comfort.

Classification of headset wearing style

Ear hook
Attach a foldable hook to the earphone so that it can be hung on the inner side of the auricle. Earphones using such a wearing system can be regarded as ear-hook earphones, or ear-hanging earphones. This way of wearing will not damage the hairstyle, and the portability and comfort are also very good.
However, because the suspension method cannot be close to the auricle, there will always be a problem of sound leakage, which will reduce the sound quality. Because it is suspended on the auricle, this type of headset should not be made heavy.

Rear hanging
Use a flexible headband to clamp the earphone around the auricle from the back of the head, so that the earphone with the earmuff close to the auricle is incorporated into the rear-mounted earphone. This kind of earphone will basically not damage the hairstyle, especially the hairstyle of men. This kind of earphone is not as comfortable as the ear-hook type, but it can make the earmuffs close to the auricle, and the problem of sound leakage basically does not exist, but Since the headband is generally more elastic, it will feel more uncomfortable.
It is difficult to design this kind of headband to be adaptive. Most of the headbands of this kind of headphones cannot be adjusted. Those with too big heads or too small heads will not be suitable for wearing them. Because of the fixed headband, their portability has become very general.

The most common type of earphone uses a flexible headband to clamp the auricle from the top of the head. Because there is no need to consider the problem of lightness, the earmuffs are generally designed to be relatively large, and almost all top earphones are full-size designs.
This kind of earphone has been developed very well. Generally, the headband can be adaptive and the earmuffs can be rotated in a small range. These small features make it comfortable to wear. But it is not suitable for portability. Even if the headband is designed to be foldable, its portability will not be better than the plug-in type and ear-hook type.
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