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Classification of speaker amplifiers

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Digital power amplifiers generally use switching power supplies and analog power amplifiers use transformers;
If you can take it apart and look inside, the analog power amplifiers use high-power transistors, digital
The power amplifier output has an LC filter;
The output radiator of the analog power amplifier is very large, while the digital power amplifier is very small;
The weight is also different! Digital power amplifier is lighter than analog power amplifier.

1. The advantages of digital power amplifiers are high efficiency, low heat dissipation requirements, simple peripheral circuits and low cost.

Disadvantages There is a problem of greater distortion of the sound! The reproduction of vocals is poor. Haha! Then be popular! The digital power amplifier has low power requirements for power saving, and it does not generate much heat so the radiator is also small. But the sound is not as good as analog.

Classification of speaker amplifiers

2. The advantages of analog power amplifiers are better than digital power amplifiers, but the disadvantages are high cost, high heat dissipation requirements, heavy weight, complex circuit structure, and high maintenance difficulty.

3. Although analog is better than digital in sound, its low efficiency requires high power supply (generally enough power is required, and a lot of large capacitors are used to stabilize the voltage), and the radiator is relatively large.
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