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How to prevent account linking

2021-02-17 542
Most sellers have multiple Amazon accounts. How to properly manage and operate these accounts? How to ensure that these accounts are safe?

Prevent account association method 1: Any information is unique. New mailbox, new route, new payment account, new broadband, new mobile phone number, new credit card, new address, new company, new legal person, new computer, new system, new browser

Prevent account association method 2:

1. One person, one machine, one account, one network (with less than 3 accounts, recommended)
Single network, China Unicom, Telecom or Mobile, install 3 lines. Relatively fixed desktop computers (you can use multiple broadband to solve the problem, work at home can use remote login software, such as sunflower, to remotely control), this is a conservative approach, at least to ensure that the account is very safe.

2. Mobile network card or mobile phone hotspot (mobile office is more convenient)
The use of a clean and pollution-free network is helpful for operating mobile offices and is suitable for people who travel frequently;
Mobile network card recommends commonly used wireless network cards such as Huawei and Zimi. Without a mobile network card, mobile hotspots can also be used (mobile hotspots are also relative to fixed IP, but remember not to share mobile hotspots with other Amazon accounts or other Amazon sellers)
Prevent account linking method 3: Product information acquaintance is less than 30%.

How to prevent account linking

Multiple stores upload the same product, which may cause your store to be associated

It is recommended not to upload the same product in multiple stores

If your products are limited and you want to sync to multiple stores, it is recommended that you make changes to the product images, descriptions, SKUs, etc. to reduce the similarity of product information

The email response format is highly similar (font size, typing speed, these Amazon will capture and judge through big data...)

FBA, the shipping information is the same, and the address, phone number and contact person must be different for each account. Many friends ignore this. There is too much follow-up sales. Many sellers use small numbers and over-sold large sizes, or follow each other. However, in the face of more stringent Amazon rules, it is not recommended that their stores follow each other, and sales will not be related, but The relationship between stores caused by sales, when you make a mistake, the Amazon system may further review.

Prevent account association method 4: Cloud server (VPS, recommended for more than 3 accounts)

VPS can operate multiple Amazon accounts at the same time under one computer and one network (for example, a seller can control 20 accounts at the same time on one computer), which is a bit free from hardware and network restrictions. Recommended VPS: Huawei Cloud, Tencent Cloud, Ali Cloud. There will be relatively stuck phenomenon;

Prevent account linking method 5: Super Browser

It can realize one account to operate multiple accounts. It is fast and easy to operate. You need to buy an IP. You can open a webpage one by one, and you can operate different stores on the same computer and the same network IP. Some sellers and friends are also using it, but there have been some related accidents. We need to choose some safe super browsers
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