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What types of conference microphones can be divided into?

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Speaking of conference microphones, I believe most people will not feel unfamiliar, because we can see it in many large and small conferences. It can to a large extent help the conference host better control the entire conference site. So what types of conference microphones can be divided into? Next, let's discuss them together.

1. Single frequency
Generally speaking, single-frequency conference microphones can meet the requirements of high-frequency amplification and intermediate-frequency amplification. The audio processing is designed with a special circuit, so the sound quality is very clear. It is mainly suitable for meeting occasions where the use requirements are not very high.

2. Adjustable frequency

If it is a conference microphone with adjustable frequency, it is generally controlled by a microcomputer program. Such a microphone can be adjusted with multiple channels. It can well ensure that multiple machines are used at the same place at the same time without interfering with each other, so it can be regarded as a very good choice.

What types of conference microphones can be divided into?

3. Diversity
The last one is the diversity conference microphone, which can well realize the failure of one receiving system, and the other one can receive the signal, so it can effectively avoid the trouble caused by some signal blind areas and further improve The technical performance of the entire equipment.
All in all, in the process of selecting conference microphones, we must know how to consider it according to our actual situation. In addition, in addition to considering the issue of classification, the editor reminds everyone that we also cannot ignore some fundamental factors such as its quality, because this can ensure better use in the future.
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