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What kinds of headphones are there?

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According to the position of the earphones on the ears, earphones can be divided into four categories: over-ear, on-ear, in-ear and earplugs. In these four types of earphones, there are closed and open, and these two types can create different listening experiences.
Each type and style of headphones is suitable for different listening scenarios. Some are best for listening to music at home, while some smaller products are more portable and therefore more suitable for listening to music on the road.

Over-ear headphones
The traditional earphone type is heavier than other types, but it is more comfortable.
This is a headset with a traditional appearance, with cushioning material to cover the entire ear. This design makes this type of headset more comfortable to wear for a long time, and the overall sound quality is good. On the other hand, the product is bulkier than other types and is not suitable for portable use.

On-ear headphones
This type of headset is designed to fit on the ear instead of covering the entire ear. As a result, they are generally smaller and lighter than over-ear headphones. However, on-ear headphones also have foam or leather padding (sometimes) to provide extra comfort.
Many on-ear headphones have an open design, which means that they cannot provide a level of bass that is comparable to closed over-ear headphones.

In-ear headphones can provide better sound quality than ordinary earplugs, and less audio leakage.
In-ear headphones are probably the most common type, and are usually a set of accessories for portable music players. They are placed in the ear canal, which is more suitable for some users' ears. Generally, the sound quality of such headphones is worse than that of over-ear and on-ear headphones, especially the bass part. Due to its small size, it is easy to carry, and it performs well in preventing audio leakage.
Similar in size to in-ear headphones, it is very convenient to use earbuds to listen to music on the move. They are located outside the ear canal and do not completely close the hearing, which means that audio leakage is prone to problems. Overall, in the four types of headphone products, earplugs provide the worst sound quality experience.

Other headset types
In addition to the above four main types, there are also some professional-type earphones designed for special purposes.

What kinds of headphones are there?

Sports headphones
Sports headphones are very suitable for exercise, and the product design can withstand various severe tests. They are not only designed for comfort and portability, but also designed for waterproof and sweat proof. There are different types of sports headphones, such as in-ear, over-ear, and back-hung.

Monitor earphones or studio monitor earphones are professional earphones designed for audio professionals who pay special attention to producing precise sound. An example of the use of such headphones is acoustic processing or audio mixing. In addition, comfort is also very important for these types of headphones, because they may be worn for a long time.

In-ear and on-ear headphones will also differ depending on the type of earmuffs used. Different earmuffs can create different hearing conditions, and the type of earphone that suits you depends purely on personal preference.

In this type, the back of the ear pad is not completely closed. Therefore, a more natural sound can be provided, but open earphones tend to leak more noise.

When the back of the ear pad is completely closed, it is closed. They may sound a little muffled, but they are excellent at preventing sound leakage and blocking noise.
Each of these two designs has its own advantages and disadvantages, and it is usually decided to buy according to personal preference.

Headphone performance
Some headphones provide additional features, such as noise cancellation or sound insulation to block unwanted noise. Other headsets are very convenient to use when moving, such as wireless or Bluetooth connections.

Noise cancellation
Earphones with noise reduction function use clever electronic equipment to achieve the effect of isolating external sounds. They can eliminate unwanted low-frequency noise, such as traffic noise.
This function mainly exists in on-ear or over-ear headset products, but there are also some in-ear products with noise cancellation functions. Noise-canceling headphones are usually slightly heavier than ordinary products because they require batteries to power the technology.

Sound insulation
Don't be confused with noise-canceling headphones. Sound-isolating headphones can isolate external sounds by sealing the ears after wearing them. Although some headset products look very similar to ordinary earplugs, the audio quality has been improved.

Wireless use
Wireless devices can listen to music without being restricted by audio sources. They use radio frequencies and want to transmit sound from the base station to the ears. Long-distance wireless connections, such as FM radio systems, can allow users to move from one room to another, or even go outdoors, but the disadvantage is that they may be interfered.

Bluetooth is a short-range wireless connection technology that is usually used in hands-free devices for smart phones. For example, it allows users to connect headphones to digital music players or mobile phones without the trouble of wire entanglement. However, you need to ensure that the distance between the transmitter and you is close enough, so they are most suitable for portable use.

Headphone control
Some headsets have built-in control functions on the headset cable or headset. Typical controls include playback functions, such as play/pause and volume up/down. Others include the control of smart phones, allowing users to seamlessly switch between hands-free answering calls and listening to music.
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