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Car audio classification

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1. According to the time when the car leaves the factory
According to the time when the car leaves the factory, it is divided into original products and after-sale products. The original products refer to the original products, which are the speakers installed on the car panel when the car owner buys the car. Different grades of cars choose different grades of brands to match it. However, no matter what brand you choose, the functions and sound quality of its audio are limited (except for particularly high-end cars). The reason is that car manufacturers must design larger car audio buttons from a safety point of view, and audio functions must also be extended. The test of time only agreed to use (some of the advanced functions can not be used, because it has not been tested for a long time).
More famous car audio manufacturers include Philips (PHILIPS), Alpine (ALPINE), CLARION, Panasonic (PANASONIC), Pioneer (PIONEER), Fuji (FUJIS) and Sapphire.
The audio brands supporting domestic mainstream brands of cars are: FAW-Volkswagen Philips and Panasonic as the main components, Pioneer and Alpine with individual models; Shanghai Volkswagen with Philips as the main components; Guangzhou Honda with Alpine and Panasonic as the main components; Hainan Mazda as the main components with Panasonic and Alpine send.
After-sales products refer to the audio that consumers choose when they are not satisfied with the car stereo after buying the car. Because it is not restricted by the car factory, it can be described as the Eight Immortals crossing the sea and showing their magical powers.

Car audio classification
2. According to the geographical division of car audio brands
According to the geographical division of car audio brands, it can be divided into Japanese brands and European and American brands. This is also a classification that everyone is more aware of, and home audio is often compared with this classification.
Japanese brand speakers are good at reading and retouching sound quality. Sound reading refers to the process in which the host obtains signals from digital and analog audio sources. The technology of Japanese brand audio is very mature, and the sound quality is pure and delicate. The retouching of sound quality refers to the use of mathematical methods to create various field effects to please the human ear, such as BBE, DHE, various field simulations, etc. These functions break the true color of the sound source, but are more in line with the habits of the human ear, so it is very To please consumers. Generally speaking, the sound quality of most Japanese speakers is relatively balanced, which is in line with public consumption.
European and American brand speakers are known for their true restoration and low-range shock in power amplification. Ouli people pay attention to the true nature of music, while some manufacturers pay special attention to bass. In home audio, European and American brand power amplifiers and speakers are more respected.
3. According to the specificity of car audio manufacturers

According to the specificity of car audio manufacturers, it can be divided into professional manufacturers that only produce car audio and wide-area product manufacturers that produce both car audio and other home appliances. Representatives of professional manufacturers that only produce car audio include Alpine, Clarion, and POCKFORD, and wide-area product manufacturers include Panasonic, Pioneer, Sony, and Philips.

Car audio classification

2. Ranking of car audio brands
According to the editor, the ranking of the top ten car audio brands in the world is not constant, because the rankings will change. Today you surpass me, the day after tomorrow I can’t surpass you, and each brand has its own advantages. We can't measure it. However, the world-renowned leaderboard editor is still listed below, I hope it will be useful for car owners to buy car audio brands.

Top ten car audio brand rankings
1 Pioneer car audio (Japanese audio brand, world-renowned brand)
2 Alpine car audio Alpine (Japanese brand, world-renowned brand)
3 Sony Sony car audio (Japanese brand, world-renowned brand)
4 Panasonic car audio (Japanese audio brand, national inspection-free product)
5 JVC car audio (Japanese audio brand, world-renowned car audio brand)
6 Hivi Car Audio (the world's advanced speaker and speaker manufacturing multinational company)
7 Edifier car audio (Chinese well-known trademark, national inspection-free product)
8 Kenwood car audio KENWOOD (Japanese audio brand, world-renowned brand
9 Sapphire car audio (European car audio brand)
10 Lisheng car audio (high-profile audio company brand)

3. Composition of car audio system
The composition of car audio system

The car audio system includes five parts: antenna, receiving device, speaker correction, audible frequency amplification and speaker system.

1. Antenna
The antenna is used to receive the radio wave transmitted by the broadcasting station and transmit it to the radio frequency modulation device through the high-frequency cable.
2. Receiver
The receiving device is a radio tuning device that selectively receives high-frequency electromagnetic waves emitted by the radio station and demodulates them into audio electrical signals.
3. Tape player
The tape player is used to play music signals recorded on tape.
4. CD player
The CD player is used to play the music signal recorded on the disc.
5. Equalizer (balanced volume controller)
The equalizer is used to adjust the characteristics of the sound (music) signal to adapt to the car listening environment.
6. Power amplifier (speaker amplifier)
The power amplifier is used to amplify the weak audio signal to enough power to drive the speaker.
7. Speaker
The loudspeaker is an important component that ultimately determines the sound performance of the car. The size of the speaker diameter and the method and location of the installation on the car are important factors that determine the sound performance. In order to appreciate the stereo sound, at least two speakers must be installed in the car.

4. The composition of car audio system
The basic condition for the sound system to be called sound is that it has the function of playing back sound. In an audio system, at least the following points proposed by the author are included to qualify as an audio system. This is true for any audio system, and car audio is no exception. Car audio mainly includes three parts: host, speaker, and power amplifier. The host is an important part of the car audio, just like the human brain, what kind of sound to make must be controlled by the brain. At present, the popular hosts include CD hosts, MP3 plus CD boxes and CD/DVD hosts. Generally, car CD audio systems are mostly used.
Software and media: What do you want to listen to? Traffic and traffic programs? Then you have to turn on the radio station and tune to the correct channel. Want to watch TV in the car? It's easier. LCD screens have long been one of the protagonists of car audio systems, even if you want to watch DVDs. Want to listen to music? Put a record of your choice, whether it's a CD, MD, or cassette, regardless of which singer's singing is included.
Audio source: The organization that can decode software and multimedia is called audio source. This proper term may seem incomprehensible, but it is actually a very simple thing! The one that plays radio is called tuner, commonly known as radio; the one that plays cassette is called cassette player; the one that plays CD records is called CD-Player. , And also a compact disc.
Power amplification mechanism: Most of the sound signal intensity controlled by the pre-stage is only a few volts, which is not enough to drive the unit (see Article 5). Therefore, the signal must be given some "power pills" to make the signal stronger and make it stronger It can be calculated in watts (W), so that the mechanism that strengthens the output of the signal is called a power amplifier, which is commonly known as a power amplifier. Generally speaking, the total output power value of the audio system, that is, the sum of the output power of all the power amplifiers in the system, is used as the grading of the audio system in terms of magnitude.
Loudspeaker: The device that turns electrical energy into sound waves is called a loudspeaker. The mechanism that can convert the signal into sound, in addition to the generally circular or elliptical reciprocating coil type speaker, there are other types of speakers! For example, the ribbon type (Ribbon) that emits sound with a metal belt, and the drive is driven by static electricity. Electrostatic speakers with flat diaphragms also have a place in audio. However, moving coil speakers are still the mainstream in car audio. In my impression, except for the ribbon-type car tweeters of Infinity and Taiwan EVIL, the others are common moving coil monomers.
Transmission mechanism: For a complete audio system, the wire is an indispensable component, but the wire is often overlooked. In fact, the quality of the wire will directly affect the quality of the sound, because the difference in the design and specifications of the wire from the material, twisted structure, diameter, insulation and impedance value, etc., will affect the signal or power transmission. As for the use of wires, different devices require wires with different design orientations, such as power supply, grounding, start-up, signal, horn, optical fiber, and wires required for special systems. They are all designed due to their different requirements. The difference. For example, for speaker cables that require sound quality, the purity of the material must be as high as possible, otherwise too much impurities will affect the full performance of the sound. In addition, the terminal between the wire and the equipment is also very important. Whether the contact is firm or not, the size of the contact area, the design and material of the connector, and whether the grounding is good will also have a significant impact on the sound effect.

5. How to choose car audio
As most ordinary car owners, if you are not a car audio enthusiast and have considerable financial strength, before choosing a car audio, there are two points that should be determined first, first is how much you plan to spend to modify the audio; then you have to consider Is the type of music you like, rock, pop, or classical music. Remember to consider these two points and you can’t reverse it. If you determine the type of music you like before modifying the audio, then make sure that your budget will exceed the standard. You must know that in the field of car audio, from the perspective of equipment, It must be the more expensive the better. Some super car audio enthusiasts have equipment installed on their cars worth hundreds of thousands or even hundreds of thousands.
In car audio modification, mainly from the perspective of sound source and sound quality. General audio sources include tape players, CD players, DVD/VCD/CD capacity players, MP3 players, MD players, etc. Now some car audio enthusiasts have begun to use music hard drives with 1G storage capacity. But in terms of the effect and quality of music, it is recommended to use a CD player. The tape drive has a narrow frequency response and high noise; VCD has poor sound quality, but the advantage is that it has video effects, but as a car audio, it is not recommended; MP3 is a compressed format, although the sound quality processing circuit is added to restore, but the sound quality Still can’t compare with CD; DVD’s sound quality is close to CD, but the overall comparison is still inferior to CD; MD’s sound quality is not much different from CD, but the sound sounds hard, and the overall sound effect is not as full, smooth and original as CD. Authentic.
Nowadays, there are many brands and types of CD players on the market, including single-disc, multi-disc, and all-in-one with cassette player. Basically, they are mainly based on Japanese brand hosts, such as Alpine, Clarion, Kenwood, Sony, Panasonic , Pioneer, JVC, etc., the price ranges from seven to eight hundred yuan to several thousand yuan. There is little difference in product quality, but different brands have their own unique characteristics. For example, Alpine is a professional car audio, with perfect sound quality and excellent resolution, especially in the performance of middle and high frequencies, such as the performance of soft and lyrical and small bridge water and other sound effects, and it is also unique in terms of anti-vibration technology. , The supporting disc boxes are mostly six discs. At present, most of the low-end products of Alpine heads on the market are domestically produced; Panasonic, Kenwood, etc. have good stability; Pioneer and JVC have good performance in all aspects. Single-disc drives have a higher cost performance. At the same time, choose models according to each person's different music hobbies. If you like soft and lyrical music, you can choose Japanese brands.
If you like to improve the sound quality, the industry has always had Japanese consoles and European and American amplifiers. From a professional point of view, the characteristics of Japanese power amplifiers and speakers are sharp and ear-piercing, and the overall effect is hard, while the fullness of the bass is weak. It does not sound like a bunch of hits, and the flexibility is not obvious, but for ordinary car owners In other words, whether it is used for new appreciation of ROCK, POP or symphony, it should be easier to create a corresponding atmosphere, that is to say, its overall adaptability and wide range of applications; if you are a ROCK fan, hope to get the unique ROCK The metal percussive feeling that is too hard to make your heart dull, of course, you have to choose American amplifiers and speakers; for car audio enthusiasts who are very picky in sound effects, they are pursuing each of the original sounds. A level and detail, to maximize the reproduction of music, which must use European power amplifiers and equipment, for example, HIFI fans will choose British or Danish power amplifiers and speakers.
After choosing cost-effective equipment that can meet your needs, the real work has just begun. In the words of industry insiders, five-point equipment and five-point installation; some even talk about three-point equipment and seven-point installation. Whether a set of good equipment can be used to the fullest, the key is to see the technician who installs the audio for you. , His knowledge of automotive circuits, acoustic principles, music quality and appreciation level, and operational proficiency will directly affect the overall performance of your car audio. Whether the sound field positioning and phase of the whole set of equipment are accurate, whether the treble is clear and transparent, whether the midrange is smooth and pleasant, whether the bass is full and flexible, etc. In addition, for the current high-noise problem commonly found in domestically-made mid- and low-end cars, sound insulation should be done according to different situations. So, don't think that installing a car audio is just a matter of connecting the equipment you have carefully selected with a cable. When choosing an installation shop, in addition to choosing a larger-scale shop, you should also ask an experienced technician to operate it.
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