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Shopee upgrades cross-border logistics capacity, "3+1" model helps domestic products lead Southeast Asian digital trade

2021-01-29 412
Recently, Shopee, a leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia, announced that in order to accelerate the recovery of domestic cross-border sellers and grasp the dividends of home shopping in Southeast Asia during the epidemic period, Shopee Logistics Service (SLS, Shopee Logistics Service) has launched a "3+1" upgrade plan to take the lead The three major sectors, namely collection, trunk transportation, and full insurance, cooperate with overseas warehousing services to break through the bottleneck of cross-border logistics in Southeast Asia during the epidemic period and build a "high-speed order-explosive road" to key markets in China's largest trading zone.

Southeast Asia becomes China's largest trading partner, cross-border e-commerce 2020 may welcome a full-scale outbreak

With the economic development of Southeast Asia and the rapid growth of consumer demand, ASEAN has historically become China's largest trading partner in the first quarter of 2020: According to data released by the General Administration of Customs of China, despite the impact of the epidemic, China and ASEAN goods in the first quarter of 2020 The total trade volume still reached 991.34 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 6.1%. Among them, China's exports to ASEAN are 539.43 billion yuan, and ASEAN has historically become China's largest trading partner.

In addition to traditional trade, Internet-based cross-border e-commerce has become a new growth point for both sides. Especially during the epidemic, e-commerce has effectively promoted consumer replenishment and potential release. Thai E-commerce Association Chairman Tanawat predicted that Shopee and other Southeast Asian leaders The number of sellers and product sales on e-commerce platforms will increase three times compared to 2019. He also affirmed the importance of cross-border trade: “The epidemic has restricted people’s travel, but cross-border e-commerce has played a huge role with a strong logistics chain. ."

The latest data from the authoritative analysis agency iPrice Group confirms the outbreak of the digital economy in Southeast Asia: Shopee, with 550 million web page views, won the most visited e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia in the first quarter of 2020; platform data also showed that Shopee China cross-border during the epidemic The daily average order volume across the border remains strong. As Tanawat, chairman of the Thai Electronic Commerce Association said: "2020 is a busy year for cross-border e-commerce."

Shopee upgrades cross-border logistics capacity,

On average, one charter plane is delivered directly per day, Shopee's "3+1" model upgrades logistics services

In order to speed up the recovery of domestic cross-border sellers and grasp the dividends of online home shopping in Southeast Asia during the epidemic period, Shopee launched the "direct delivery model for chartered flights". In February, when the epidemic was the most intense, Shopee Logistics urgently launched more than 10 chartered flights. The chartered flights are sent directly to Southeast Asia to solve the needs of millions of orders. After the domestic epidemic eased, Shopee resumed its logistics during the epidemic period and upgraded Shopee logistics services forward-looking with the "3+1" model:

First-mile tracking, improve the pre-collection information of logistics: In terms of first-mile collection, Shopee will launch the first-mile tracking service, and you can get shipping notifications before the goods arrive at the transshipment warehouse, so as to provide buyers with more accurate and timely information Order status helps sellers monitor the shipping process, thereby improving logistics performance. At the same time, it can effectively reduce the amount of after-sales delivery consultation and the cancellation of some orders.

Strengthen trunk line transportation and create a "customized" logistics system such as charter flights: In terms of trunk line transportation, Shopee uses "charter flight material direct delivery services" with "large-size logistics services" and "heavy goods channels" to create targeted cross-border logistics in multiple dimensions Transport matrix. Whether it is small and light items such as fashion accessories, high-weight categories such as auto parts and motorcycles, or large pieces of furniture such as sofas and beds, all hot-selling potential products can find suitable logistics channels, which not only ensures that the goods are delivered on time , And make adequate preparations for the Ramadan promotion in May.

Protect every kilometer and launch logistics cargo insurance services: In terms of transportation security, Shopee has continuously improved the quality of services and launched "logistics cargo insurance services" this year to provide sellers with customized insurance solutions in the Southeast Asian market, up to 100% of the order amount Compensation to reduce the seller's loss of goods.

Turning complexity into simplicity, overseas warehouses open localized logistics solutions: Shopee overseas warehouses cover a total of six markets and build a Southeast Asian warehouse delivery network. Because overseas warehouse products belong to local sources and are not subject to international transportation restrictions during the epidemic, overseas warehouses during this special period have helped countless sellers achieve a single-volume outbreak. In order to help sellers grasp the big promotion bonus, Shopee overseas warehouse releases a series of benefits: storage fee reduction, commission reduction, big promotion resource package, limited time seckill paid advertisement rebate, etc., to help cross-border stores "simplify from complexity" to One-stop service for warehousing, logistics and operation with lower cost and more traffic.

Liu Jianghong, general manager of Shopee's cross-border business, said: "After the outbreak of the overseas epidemic, Shopee is well aware of the dilemma of cross-border sellers that are difficult to sell. To this end, we are actively deploying charter flights and Southeast Asian local operators to provide timely and stable cross-border logistics Services. Now, thanks to Shopee's cross-border efforts, cross-border logistics and overseas warehouses from domestic to Southeast Asia markets are all operating well. As Southeast Asia becomes China’s largest trading partner, we believe that more cross-border sellers will join us Shopee, seize new business opportunities in Southeast Asian e-commerce."
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