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How many kinds of microphones are there?

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According to the sound-electric bai conversion principle, it is divided into: electric du type (moving coil type, aluminum zhi belt type), electric dao capacitive type (direct current polarization zhuan type), piezoelectric type (crystal type shu, ceramic type), and electromagnetic type , Carbon particle type, semiconductor type, etc.
According to the force of the sound field, it is divided into: pressure type, pressure difference type, combined type, linear type, etc.
According to the transmission method of electric signal, it is divided into wired and wireless.
Divided by purpose: measuring microphone, vocal microphone, instrument microphone, recording microphone, etc.
According to the directivity, it is divided into: cardioid, sharp heart, super cardioid, two-way (8-shaped), non-directional (omnidirectional).

How many kinds of microphones are there?

Extended information:
working principle
In the microphone, the vibration of the sound is transmitted to the diaphragm of the microphone, which pushes the magnet inside to form a changing current, so that the changed current is sent to the subsequent sound processing circuit for amplification.
Sound is a wonderful thing. The different sounds we hear are all produced by the tiny pressure difference of the air around us. The wonderful thing is that air can transmit these pressure differences so well and truly over a long distance.
It is connected to a needle by a metal septum, and this needle scratches a pattern on a piece of metal foil. When you speak towards the diaphragm, the resulting air pressure difference causes the diaphragm to move, thereby moving the needle, and the movement of the needle is recorded on the metal foil. Later, when you move the needle back on the metal foil, the vibration caused by scratching the metal foil will move the diaphragm and reproduce the sound.
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