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What are the types of headphones

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Earphones can be divided into the following categories according to the type of their driver and the way it is worn: moving coil earphones, moving iron earphones, ring iron earphones, isomagnetic earphones, electrostatic earphones, electret earphones, and wireless earphones.

What are the types of headphones
Moving coil
Moving coil earphones are the most common and common earphones. Its driving unit is basically a small moving coil speaker, which is driven by a voice coil in a permanent magnetic field to vibrate the diaphragm connected to it. Dynamic headphones are more efficient, most of which can be driven by the headphone output on the audio, and are reliable and durable.

What are the types of headphones

Moving iron
It is a headset that is conducted to the center point of a miniature diaphragm through a precisely structured connecting rod to generate vibration and sound. Moving iron earphones can be easily inserted into the ear canal because the unit is much smaller.

Ring iron mix
The ring iron earphone is a moving-coil moving-iron hybrid driving sound earphone. It has a single-moving coil + single-moving iron, single-moving coil + double-moving iron structure. The advantages of the moving iron unit are high electro-acoustic conversion efficiency and light vibration body. With high sensitivity and good transient performance, the dynamic and momentary details of the music that are difficult to express in the original dynamic circle are highlighted.

The driver of an isomagnetic headset is similar to a reduced flat speaker. It embeds a flat voice coil in a thin diaphragm, like a printed circuit board, which can evenly distribute the driving force.

Electrostatic earphones have a light and thin diaphragm, which is polarized by a high DC voltage. The electrical energy required for the polarization is converted by alternating current and is also battery powered. The diaphragm is suspended in an electrostatic field formed by two fixed metal plates. The electrostatic earphone must use a special amplifier to convert the audio signal into a voltage signal of hundreds of volts.

Electret earphones are also called fixed electrostatic earphones. The diaphragm itself is polarized or the electrostatic field emitted by polarized materials outside the diaphragm is polarized, and no special equipment is required to provide a polarization voltage.

Wireless cordless
A wireless headset generally refers to a headset system that transmits signals by infrared rays, and a cordless headset refers to a headset system that uses radio waves to transmit signals. They consist of two parts, a signal transmitter and a headset (usually a moving coil) with a signal receiving and amplifying device.
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