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What are the types of smart speakers

2021-02-16 473
When buying a smart speaker at home, you need to know its type. What are the types of smart speakers? PChouse will take everyone to understand it.

1. Active and passive speakers:
(1) Active speaker: it is a speaker system with a power amplifier (ie, power amplifier). Active speakers do not need to be equipped with a power amplifier.

(2) Passive speaker: The speaker itself does not need to be plugged into a power source, and a speaker with an amplifier is required.

What are the types of smart speakers

2. According to the sound principle and internal structure of different classification
According to different sounding principles and internal structure, speakers can be divided into inverted, closed, flat, horn, labyrinth and other types. The most important forms are closed and inverted.
(1) A closed speaker is to install speakers on a closed cabinet, which is relatively inefficient;
(2) The difference between an inverted speaker and it is that a circular inverted hole is installed on the front or rear panel. It works according to the principle of the Helmholtz resonator, and has the advantages of high sensitivity, greater power capacity and wide dynamic range. Because the sound wave on the back of the speaker is also emitted from the phase guide hole, its efficiency is also higher than that of a closed box.
(3) Anti-magnetic speaker: The magnetic field of the speaker speaker will seriously interfere with the screens of TVs and computer monitors, and cause screen distortion and large-scale color distortion, which is called "magnetization". Generally, the price of antimagnetic speakers is much higher than that of ordinary speakers.
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