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Classification of mobile headsets

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Earplugs are divided into: in-ear type (good sound insulation, the best listening in a car, maybe at the beginning, there may be bai points that are not used to wearing, but it is good to get used to it, and also protect the ears. There are in-ear types that can wrap the ears, so you can wear them Relatively stable)

Earplug style (the hearing should be more comfortable and natural, and there is generally no problem with wearing, but it is not soundproof. If you can't hear it in noisy places, you should open it loudly, which will hurt your ears)

Over-ear earplugs (good for exercise and more stable to wear), headsets are divided into: open type (the sound field is relatively closed, it will be wider, the listening experience should be more comfortable and natural, not soundproof,) closed type (Some monitor earphones are often fully enclosed or semi-enclosed, with good sound insulation.) The earphones for mobile phones must first be pushed well. The bass of mx is OK. You can consider Sennheiser px200ii (more than 500 points), k430 (400 More) Find a headphone store where you can try it out.

Classification of mobile headsets

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Because the earphone is closer to the inner ear tissue than the general external noise; the user must take necessary protective measures. Studies have shown that pleasant music causes less hearing damage, but long-term exposure to high-decibel sounds, whether it is music or noise, can cause hearing damage. The sensory nerve and hearing damage caused by noise occurs in the inner ear. When high-energy sound waves shock the fluid in the cochlea, it will over-stimulate and cause cell death. Hearing damage is built up over time. If you are exposed to noise for a long time, even if the time is short, it will also cause hearing loss.
A survey published in the Journal of the American Medical Association in 1998 and an experiment conducted by Shanxi Medical University in China both show that long-term exposure to high noise levels has a negative impact on hearing.
If earphones are used on the street, in addition to increasing the volume, which may cause hearing damage, focusing on listening to music can easily make users lose their alertness to peripheral sounds and increase the chance of danger. Children should not use them.
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