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Headphone classification

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Earphones can be divided into two categories: wired earphones and Bluetooth earphones according to the connection method. However, the types of earphones are far more than that. The following descriptions are classified in different ways to facilitate consumers to find the type of earphones that suit them (classified by a certain attribute of the earphone) , There will be some overlapping categories).

Classified by connection method
1. Wired headset
All headsets that need to be connected to the device with a cable.

2. Bluetooth headset
It saves the earphone cable, avoids the trouble of entangled earphone cable, and is convenient to wear and store.

Classified by ear type
1. Earbud headphones

Earlier earphones were all earbuds, and later new products such as in-ear headphones appeared.

Headphone classification

2. In-ear headphones
The noise blocking effect is good, and the sound leakage is small.
More typical such as Apple headphones, comfortable to wear.

In-ear headphones (bone conduction headphones)
Headphones in which the sound is transmitted through the skull, no need to enter the ear.

Classified by wearing style
Without hanging headphones
It does not need to be hung on a certain part of the body, including most wired headsets and some Bluetooth headsets.

Ear-hook headphones
Most of them are Bluetooth headsets. The headset has a hook that can be hung on the ear and is not easy to fall off.

Neck-mounted headphones
Although some Bluetooth headsets adopt a wireless connection method, there is still a line to connect the left and right parts, which is convenient for users to hang them around their necks. The more pure wireless Bluetooth headsets are less likely to be lost.

If there is a microphone on the headphone, it can be called a headset.

Headphone classification
Classified by sound conduction method
Ordinary headphones
Sound is transmitted through the air and received by the eardrum.

Bone conduction headphones
Sound propagates through the skull, and the attenuation and change of energy and tone are relatively small; however, because the technology is not mature enough, there are some shortcomings.

Classified by cable type

Cylindrical cable headset
That is, the most common type of headset with a cylindrical cable.

Noodle line headphones
The connecting line is noodle-like, flat and beautiful, and it is not easy to knot.

According to a certain attribute of the headset, there will be some overlapping classifications.
Different earphones have their own advantages and disadvantages, you can find and compare them before buying.
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