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This is the most thorough analysis of the Southeast Asian market I have ever seen!

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Since last year, the ASEAN region has become China’s second largest trading partner, second only to the cooperation between China and the European Union, and China has maintained its position as the largest trading partner of ASEAN for 10 consecutive years. It is not well developed in the US market. Under the circumstances, the Southeast Asian market is particularly important, and the dividends make people particularly jealous.
Southeast Asian countries are referred to as ASEAN for short, and there are 10 countries among them: Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Myanmar, Brunei, Philippines, Cambodia, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia.
In recent years, business contacts in Southeast Asian countries have increased, especially in the e-commerce industry. From the initial bonus market and the blue ocean market, it has developed into the world’s most advanced e-commerce market. Every seller has contributed. Domestic Internet giants, such as Ali, Tencent, JD, etc., have already deployed their power in the Southeast Asian market.

Electronic business platform:
The most popular e-commerce platforms in Southeast Asia are shopee and lazada. If you are doing retail products, you can go to lazada. If there is no hard requirement on the type of product sales, there is not much money on hand, and if you want to start a business, I suggest shopee. Both The position in the Southeast Asian e-commerce market is comparable.
Local agent:
If you are a factory, you can focus part of the focus on recruiting agents. Finding people or companies more familiar with the Southeast Asian market to help you sell products is much easier than doing it aimlessly on your own;
Development agents can choose from the purchasers that have been cooperating, or they can look for local familiar Chinese as agents;
The correct choice of agents is crucial. If you don’t draw conclusions urgently, you must choose a reliable and responsible one.
What you must know about market development in major Southeast Asian countries:

This is the most thorough analysis of the Southeast Asian market I have ever seen!

1. Vietnam
China's largest trading partner in ASEAN.
The official language of Vietnam is Vietnamese, and people in Vietnam are also used to speaking French, but the English of Vietnamese business people is relatively poor.
In Vietnam, there are three types of products that rely on imports: capital goods (30% of imports), mainly machinery and equipment, intermediate products (60%), and consumer goods (10%). China is Vietnam's largest supplier of capital products and intermediate products. Vietnam mainly imports machinery, equipment accessories, computer electronic parts, textiles, raw materials for leather shoes, telephones and electronic parts, and transport vehicles from China.
Vietnam's business dealings are very personal.
In doing business in Vietnam, interpersonal relationships are very important. It is difficult to do business without popularity. You can talk about feelings before doing business. You can make more emotional investment with your partners, and build relationships with decision-makers. Vietnamese people pay great attention to etiquette and exchanges. To move around.
Don't urge the other party to make a decision too much. Vietnamese people are notoriously slow to make decisions. 75% of the trip to Vietnam can be carried out as planned, even if it is successful. When giving gifts, Vietnamese businessmen like delicate gifts. Red wine is the first choice. Other foods are generally not given as gifts. Vietnamese people love small and cheap. If Vietnamese merchants come to visit, they will ask you to arrange accommodation, transportation, meals, etc.; they often add a lot of additional conditions on the basis of the negotiated price.

Second, Thailand
Thailand imports the most products from China in hardware and mechanical and electrical products, followed by metals and products, chemical products, and plastics and rubber.
Cooperate with Thais to maintain respect and respect, they are a monarchy country, and their thoughts of respect and inferiority are more serious;
The Thai market, in fact, all markets have the problem of issuing accounts. The account period in Thailand is not fixed. The long period is 180 days, but three months is relatively common.
In the Thai market, customers are very willing to try new products, so Thai customers will try new products when they come out, but the popular styles are the ones that go well.
Most Thais are unwilling to have business dealings with people they don’t know, especially for foreigners who want to sell goods to them. A better solution is to use trade shows or trade delegations. Form to achieve your desired goals;
Otherwise, it is necessary to pass an introduction and introduction to a high-level organization or individual familiar to both parties.

3. Malaysia
Electronic and electrical products are the most important imported products, followed by machinery, equipment and accessories, and then chemical and chemical products. In the field of agricultural imports, cereal products (including unmilled wheat, barley, and corn) are the most important imported products. In the field of mineral and fossil fuel imports, crude oil and refined petrochemical products are imported more.
Malay is the national language, general English and Chinese are widely used. Islam is the state religion; yellow and black are unpopular colors, and the numbers 0, 4, and 13 are taboo; the most taboo animal for Malaysians is horses, so try not to mention this issue during the conversation. They also taboo and eat pigs and dogs, especially pigs.
In the eyes of Malaysians, business negotiations cannot be done in a serious manner. For them, it is considered impolite to go directly to the topic at the beginning of the negotiation. Negotiations generally start with trivial topics. Each party will say something to praise the other party's country, national leaders, weather, and properties, and then indirectly enter the topic of the meeting.
After a preliminary meeting, the Malaysian businessman will say: "I want to discuss this matter with my partner" although he may not have a partner at all. If the negotiating party is pressing harder, it may have a negative impact on Malaysian businessmen.
In Malaysia, if you plan to introduce a product or project to a buyer who may become a partner, then he needs to be fully prepared, with sufficient material backup, sufficient samples and detailed plan drafts. No matter what data, try to back up.

Fourth, Singapore
"The country of Chinese descent" Singapore's Chinese are mainly Fujianese, Chaoshan people, Cantonese people, and Hakka people, and most of them are Fujian Chinese who are engaged in trade. The overseas Chinese have a strong sense of locality. Many people have parents here and brothers there, and they care about the two places. They are happy to return to their motherland to do business.
Using dialects to negotiate trade with overseas Chinese can sometimes play a unique role. Whenever a businessman who speaks Teochew dialects, he first offered a Teochew accent of "I'm your own person, don't be polite", which gives people a feeling of being at home. Others like Cantonese and Dian are also helpful to the negotiation and success.
Singapore is a civilized country, and politeness has become their code of action. When conducting trade negotiations in Singapore, you must pay attention to courtesy, otherwise it will ruin the chance of a deal. For example, if you lift your legs and turn the soles of your shoes toward your customers during negotiations, you will leave a bad impression on Singaporean businessmen.
Business activities generally wear a white shirt, long trousers, and tie. You should still wear a suit and jacket when visiting government offices. People in the local business community speak English a lot, and they need to exchange business cards when they meet. Business cards can be printed in English. Try not to smoke during the meeting.
Singaporeans are very smart in doing business. All business plans and contract data are measured in detail, and they have strict requirements on product quality. On the other hand, Singaporean businessmen have a very good reputation, and payment by regular companies is basically no problem.
It is best not to deal with Singapore’s domestic politics, religion, ethnic issues, the guidelines and policies of the ruling party, and Singapore’s relations with neighboring countries. It is particularly important to note that Singaporeans are extremely disgusted with the eulogy of "Gong Xi Fa Cai". They believe that this sentence has the meaning of instigating others to make ill-gotten wealth, harming others and benefiting themselves.

Five, the Philippines
Filipino businessmen have good English skills and there are many Chinese businessmen. It is an emerging market that is relatively easy to explore. Many of their habits are similar to those of Americans.
At present, in the consciousness of the Filipinos, products made in China must be cheap. Based on the above concepts, many Filipino businessmen do not hesitate to import low-end products from China in order to make good profits. In the Philippine market, we also noticed that the prices of products from China are very cheap. The quality of some products has such problems.
Filipino merchants rarely use letters of credit for payment, except when there is no tariff on the goods. Due to the high tariffs in the Philippines, especially the high tariff rates of processed vegetables and meat products, and the loose foreign exchange management system in the Philippines, foreign exchange can be freely remitted in and out of the country. Filipino merchants generally use prepaid deposits or partial prepayments, etc. Payment method to conduct transactions to avoid customs duties.
For this reason, when importing, the Philippine business requires the partner to agree to use the D/P payment method, or use a letter of credit for one third of the payment, and use wire transfer for the rest.
When doing business with the Philippines, you must find a shipping company with good reputation and strong strength to prevent illegal freight forwarders or shipping agents from colluding with illegal merchants to defraud the goods. It is best to find Chinese shipping companies with offices in the Philippines such as COSCO and China Shipping Company.

Six, Indonesia
Most Indonesians believe in Islam, and some believe in Christianity and Catholicism.
Do not talk about local politics, socialism, foreign aid and other topics; the best time to go to Indonesia to discuss business is from September to June of the following year, because most Indonesian businessmen go out for summer vacation in July and August.
Indonesian businessmen emphasize the spirit of mutual assistance in the industry. They are very polite and do not speak bad things about others, but they are harder to become close friends. Once a heart-to-heart relationship is established, it is easier and more reliable to cooperate with them. It is an important feature of Indonesian businessmen to like someone to visit at home, and home visits are an effective means for smooth business talks with Indonesian businessmen.
Indonesians like to bargain, in order to avoid undesirable losses, you must leave a special room when you bid. Since negotiations are often carried out for months or even years, your negotiating partner will have enough time to deviate from the original price. A wise negotiator will anticipate these in advance and leave enough bargaining chips.
When you are preparing to start a business in Indonesia, you must first be prepared to be patient.
For the issue of "face", Indonesia is a traditional, hierarchical country that loves face. This means that visitors from countries where everyone is equal and informal may have some trouble communicating with locals, so be sure to avoid openly arguing and blaming your negotiation partner.
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