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What must cross-border sellers do during the Spring Festival holiday

2021-02-15 503
For our e-commerce sellers, how to correctly start the holiday mode? What should we do during the vacation to maintain the normal operation of our store? Let’s talk with you on this topic today.

1. Holiday mode
Sellers can manage your store by turning on holiday mode. After the holiday is set successfully, all self-delivery listings in the store will be unsaleable. If you come back from the holiday and want to start selling again, just repeat the above steps to activate your Amazon Seller Central account. Seeing this, does Amazon's operations think that they can sit back and relax and spend the Chinese New Year happily? not that simple! The holiday mode is only valid for self-shipping sellers. For FBA sellers, Amazon will still keep the listing on sale and keep selling and shipping during the vacation. Still need to respond to customer information within 24 hours. Therefore, sellers who are not self-delivering goods should go to work or go to work during the Spring Festival. The reply is still reply!

2. Set the inventory to 0
In addition to turning on the holiday mode, Amazon sellers can also set the inventory value to zero and three and extend the order processing time to operate your store. Set the inventory value to zero. Another way to prevent trouble during the holidays is to set inventory to zero. In this way, buyers will not be able to place orders until the inventory value is changed to 1 or more.

What must cross-border sellers do during the Spring Festival holiday

3. Extend order processing time
Sellers can also avoid negative feedback by extending the processing time. How to make these changes depends on what method the seller uses to set the processing time.
Before the seller makes these changes, it is important to know that improper handling or delays may lead to negative feedback, which may adversely affect the seller’s store performance. If the seller only plans to take a short vacation, changing the processing time may be a good solution, but if the time is too long, it may also get negative reviews. If the seller intends to leave for a long time, it is recommended to set the inventory to 0 or activate Amazon's holiday settings.

3. Avoid association
Sellers who work from home during holidays must pay attention to avoiding associations. When logging in to the seller's backstage, they must pay attention to the following operations to avoid affecting account health. 1. Use a mobile phone or other network to log in to your account and avoid clicking on background related links; 2. When using a private computer for remote operation, be careful not to open related background links on your local computer; 3. If you want to use a local computer to log in to the background account, please make sure The personal computer, router, and network environment at home have not operated other related accounts, otherwise the account health may be affected.

5. Precautions for delivery during holidays
For holiday delivery, please consult the third-party logistics delivery time in advance to avoid affecting delivery. Actively respond to customer needs and track the delivery progress of self-delivered goods, and set up a problem escalation process. During the holidays, you may have to keep an eye on the status of the store. Pay attention to the small red flag of the store every day, pay attention to Performance Notifications, and solve the problems that threaten account security in time
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