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How do self-delivery sellers ship goods during the Spring Festival?

2021-02-15 495
Every Spring Festival, many sellers are anxious because they cannot deliver goods during the holidays. It's actually very simple. If you don't want to lose orders, you can operate and manage the store normally during the Spring Festival.

For self-delivery sellers who want to enjoy the holiday and family reunion, the editor here provides you with several methods as a reference for operating stores during the Spring Festival.

1. Start holiday mode

The seller turns on the holiday mode in the Amazon backend, so that your listing is unsaleable, so you don’t have to worry about shipping.

How do self-delivery sellers ship goods during the Spring Festival?

2. Extend the delivery time
If the seller does not want to open the holiday mode, then you have to communicate with customers to extend the delivery time of the order. When the holiday is over, find a freight forwarder for delivery immediately. The risk of doing so is that untimely delivery may lead to bad reviews. Especially now that the epidemic has not stabilized, the timeliness of logistics cannot be guaranteed.

3. Send to overseas warehouse first
Sellers can send some goods to overseas warehouses for sales during the Spring Festival holiday. The holiday mode is not turned on during the Spring Festival. As long as there are no problems, they can log in to the background at night to check the data and reply to the email.
Important reminder: Sellers who want to rest assured of the New Year must open the holiday mode. Orders during the Spring Festival have more disputes due to logistics timeliness issues. Sellers are advised to choose carefully.
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