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Satellite communication antenna classification application

2021-02-14 652
The main function of the satellite communication antenna is to communicate with the domestic satellite communication earth station antenna (including the feeder network) and the servo system under severe conditions, and to transmit the live scene.

Satellite communication antennas can be divided into mobile antennas, static antennas, and portable station antennas according to the requirements of the use environment. A complete satellite communication application system is composed of ground station, satellite and vehicle-mounted station (satellite communication vehicle).

1. Portable station antenna: refers to a parabolic antenna with an effective diameter of less than or equal to carbon fiber aluminum honeycomb material. It has the advantages of light weight, small size, easy assembly, easy disassembly, easy transportation, easy deployment, etc. It is often used as a mobile satellite small station in the VSAT system, and can realize global data video with satellite modems, video conference terminals, BUC and other equipment The opening of business is also an important means of communication for teleconference, telemedicine, emergency command, and disaster recovery.

Satellite communication antenna classification application

2. Communication antenna in motion: This terminal is very suitable for land and ocean applications. The communication satellite communication antenna system tracks satellites, utilizes the seamless coverage of satellite communication, and has the characteristics of flexibility and on-the-go communication. The mobile satellite communication vehicle can be opened and put into use at any time and any place to meet the needs of dealing with emergencies.

3. Static communication antenna: It is a vehicle-mounted satellite communication earth station built on a vehicle carrier, which can be connected to the main network through a communication satellite at a designated location as needed to establish a connection with the network main station or other satellite communication sites Communication connection. It can ensure that it can accommodate multiple people for in-vehicle conference discussions, realize real-time transmission of voice, video, and data, and provide users with reliable communication services.
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