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How does eBay operate well during the 2021 Spring Festival holiday?

2021-02-14 622
As cross-border e-commerce practitioners, we are inconsistent with our customers’ holidays. During the Spring Festival, our customers will still shop on the platform, so we can’t patronize and enjoy the holiday comfortably. During this time, the operation and maintenance of the store is very important. For many sellers, this is a good cornering overtaking. opportunity. During the holidays, we need to do two things, one is to maintain the safety of the store, but to maintain the flow of the store.

1. Sellers who continue to operate during the holidays

(1) All overseas warehouse delivery
Prepare sufficient inventory to avoid out of stock in overseas warehouses and unable to replenish in time, which will seriously affect the exposure ranking of the listing;
Arrange personnel on duty to continue operations, order processing, email reply, and customer complaint processing.

(2) Straight hair/overseas warehouse + straight hair
Consult the logistics company’s vacation time, it is best to hide the listing of the corresponding items, or extend the processing time;
If the logistics company is still working and receiving goods during the holiday, and there are personnel on duty to deliver goods, sales can continue;

The listings shipped abroad can continue to be published and sold, and at the same time, staff need to be arranged on duty during the holidays.

How does eBay operate well during the 2021 Spring Festival holiday?

2. Sellers who have suspended operations during the holidays
Set store vacation (for sellers with stores)
Please follow the steps below to set the store vacation:
Step 1: Choose My eBay
Step 2: Select Messages
Step 3: Select Change Settings
Step 4: Click Turn On to turn on
After the vacation, you need to manually click to close this function (it may take a few days to restore the hidden goods~)
Step Five: Edit Vacation Settings
If you check the last item (Keep people from buying your fixed price listings while you're on vacation. Your auction style listings will still run as scheduled.), buy-in-price items will be hidden during the holiday, and buyers cannot view and purchase. Auction items will still be displayed normally

The product is still online after being hidden. If the product fails to update automatically during the hidden period, it will also be removed

Whether you turn it on or off, the system may take a few days to hide or restore your products!
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