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What are the differences between Shopee and Lazada local stores and cross-border stores?

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Recently, many domestic merchants have come to consult Doudou's local stores. Many merchants are not up to the qualifications and will not hesitate to buy stores to do it. What are the advantages of local stores? What are the differences between cross-border stores and local stores?

One. Platform fee difference
(1) Lazada local stores do not charge commission; cross-border stores 4% commission points + 2% VAT.
(2) Shopee local shops charge 2% commission; cross-border shops 6% commission points + 2% VAT (free platform deduction in the first 3 months of the new store).

two. Logistics cost difference
(1) Lazada local store local delivery terminal buyers pay their own postage, no international freight; cross-border store logistics is divided into domestic segment (factory-domestic transit warehouse) + international end.
(2) Shopee's local store platform picks up items from door to door, and the freight is paid by the buyer; cross-border stores are also divided into domestic segment + international segment.

What are the differences between Shopee and Lazada local stores and cross-border stores?

three. Product category
(1) Lazada's local stores are all categories (one store can do anything, no restrictions); cross-border stores have many types of products that are prohibited for sale: food, skin care products, beauty, mobile phones, computers, adult products... ...
(2) Shopee's local shops are also full-category (one shop can do anything, no restrictions); cross-border shops have many types of products that are banned and restricted: food, mobile phones, computers, guns and props, ***.... ..
(Lazada and shopee category restrictions are the same)

4. Payment cycle
(1) The arrival time of Lazada local stores is generally about 5 days, which means that the logistics shows that the delivery platform will release the money; the cross-border store delivery time is about 14 days, so the return of funds is at least 2 weeks.
(2) Shopee's local store delivery cycle is generally within 5 days; cross-border stores need to bind Payoneer, PingPong or LianLian Pay cards to make a return. The payment date is the middle and end of the month.

Having said so much above, everyone will definitely say that shopee and Lazada are definitely better to be local stores. What are the risks if you are a cross-border seller and want to be a local store?
1. Store registration: The local stores on the above two platforms need to register with local information, either a local personal ID card or a local company, so if you want to do business if you don’t have these two company information, you have to buy a store. . When buying a store, it is the authentication information of others and the bank card that are bound.
2. Fund safety: Buying a store will involve fund collection. Nowadays, many companies in China do collection of goods. If you want long-term development, you have to select reliable cooperative companies. Otherwise, if the store is set up and the funds cannot be received, it will really be a waste of money. (However, people who bought the store later in Southeast Asia can change the store information and bank card)
3. Supply stability: If you stock up locally, is the product supply stable; if you are a virtual warehouse, is the delivery time controllable? These are all issues that need to be considered in advance.
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