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Amazon advertising is absolutely dry!

2021-02-14 546
Today is a bit idle, and things are done, let’s talk about some practical tips on advertising.

Some novices, and even some veterans, have already made big mistakes before advertising, but they haven't noticed them all the time, so today I will come to take care of it with everyone.

1. the structure of the advertisement is very important
Wrong ad structure:
① One activity-many different products. This kind of advertising structure will definitely grab the budget. If your product A itself is better, and product B is not so good, but you drive A and B together, B burns out the budget of the entire group, and A has not started to show, this situation will lead to a difference The products are shown to customers, and the good products are hidden by themselves. So different products should be opened in different ad groups. But if it is different colors under the same link or different variations of the same link, it can be opened in an ad group.
②The three matching methods of manual advertising are all in one ad group. The biggest problem with this setting is the messy data. When you want to optimize and analyze the data, you will spend more time sorting it out, so in order to avoid adding trouble to the later stage, it is best to lay the foundation in the early stage. Three manual types have separate activity groups, and one matching type opens one activity group.

2. Advertising data analysis and operation methods
1. Words with exposure greater than 1000, CTR (click-through rate) greater than 0.5%, orders with 0, and words with orders are all added to manual ads, and three matching types are made respectively. This word is accurately negated in automatic advertising.
2. Words with exposure greater than 1000, CTR less than 0.5%, and order of 0 will be rejected in automatic advertising and manual.
3. Put the automatic words with a click volume of more than 10 and an order of 0 into the manual advertisement to negate (broad, phrase, precise).
4. Pick out the words with an order quantity greater than 3, and create a separate accurate ad group, while negating accuracy in other groups.
5. Words with ACOS less than the natural order gross profit margin can increase the bidding of the corresponding keyword by 0.01 USD (the bidding here is adjusted according to the respective category bidding). Words with ACOS greater than the natural order gross margin can reduce the bid price of the corresponding keyword by 0.01 USD (the bid here is adjusted according to the respective category bid).

Amazon advertising is absolutely dry!

Reasons for words with 0 exposure and low exposure:
Search volume is small. One is that your product is a very small category, not even a few competitors. You don’t have to advertise this product.
The bid is too low. If your bid is lower than the lowest recommended price, then you basically have no traffic.
The correlation is too low. If your title, five-point description, ST, these words are not very accurate, it will cause your product, your word, and your advertisement to not match, and the relevance is not high.
Misplaced categories. How can there be exposure when clothing products are placed under shoes?
The quality score is too low. Your link listing copywriting, other solutions do not do well, or even just write and put it on the shelf, it is very likely that the quality of the listing will be low.
The budget is too low. With a budget of $5, how can there be traffic to you? We must be willing to spend money in the early stage and give full budget. Our purpose is for data.
Too many words have been delivered. If your budget is not too much, and you have given 100 words to evenly split the budget, how can there be traffic for good words?

3. The operation and function of advertising words-under the premise that the listing is relatively basic
1. Subject/Big Words: Sprint the homepage in a short time and stabilize the position. At this time, the conversion rate is high and the bidding starts to be gradually reduced.
2. Small words/long-tail words: accurate, high conversion, cost can be reduced.
3. There are clicks and no conversion words: Choose whether to leave or remove according to the situation. Although there is no conversion, it occupies a hole and brings traffic, which is equivalent to spending money to buy traffic.

4. Some keywords have losses, but you still have to choose to continue, because you need to occupy a hole in the early stage, and then you can develop new areas after you stand firm.

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