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About the classification of speakers

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1. The concept of speakers
1. Speaker:
A speaker is a device that restores an electrical signal to a sound signal, and the authenticity of the restoration will be an important criterion for evaluating the performance of the speaker.
Second, the classification of speakers
1. Active and passive speakers:
(1) Active speaker: it is a speaker system with a power amplifier (ie, power amplifier). Active speakers do not need to be equipped with a power amplifier.
(2) Passive speaker: The speaker itself does not need to be plugged into a power source, and a speaker with an amplifier is required.
2. According to the sound principle and internal structure of different classification
According to different sounding principles and internal structure, speakers can be divided into inverted, closed, flat, horn, labyrinth and other types. The most important forms are closed and inverted.
(1) The enclosed sound box is to install the loudspeaker on the enclosed box body, the efficiency is relatively low;

(2) The difference between an inverted speaker and it is that a circular inverted hole is installed on the front or rear panel. It works according to the principle of the Helmholtz resonator, and has the advantages of high sensitivity, greater power capacity and wide dynamic range. Because the sound wave on the back of the speaker is also emitted from the phase guide hole, its efficiency is also higher than that of a closed box.

About the classification of speakers

(3) Anti-magnetic speaker: The magnetic field of the speaker speaker will seriously interfere with the screens of TVs and computer monitors, and cause screen distortion and large-scale color distortion. This is called "magnetization." Usually the price of antimagnetic speakers is much higher than that of ordinary speakers.
(4) Full-band speaker: This is a dedicated surround speaker for multimedia active speakers. In order to reduce costs, the X.1 channel simplifies the discrete speaker (requiring two speakers to divide the frequency) into a full-band speaker, which can basically show the whole Sound range.
(5) Flat-panel speakers: The advantages of flat-panel speakers are the sound uniformity and directivity. However, due to structural limitations, the sound range is narrow and cannot show low-frequency sounds, so they are generally used with a subwoofer. build
(6) USB speaker: it is a speaker that inputs digital audio signals directly into the speaker from the USB port on the motherboard, and then processes the signal through the built-in D/A conversion circuit of the speaker and then outputs it. The disadvantage of USB speakers is the high CPU usage, and old motherboards do not support USB. You don't need to buy a sound card to buy a USB speaker, but it will not be able to implement functions that require hardware such as EAX and hard wave tables.
(7) Speakers can be divided into bookshelf type and floor-standing type in terms of structure. The former is small in size, clear in level, accurate in positioning, but limited in power, low frequency range extension and lack of sense of volume, suitable for listening to high-fidelity music. The main music lover is also the first choice for our multimedia enthusiasts; the latter is larger in size, can withstand greater power, and has a strong sense of volume and flexibility in the low frequency. Feeling and positioning will be slightly lacking. For lovers of different music, this is also an important content that you should know before buying. As PC users rarely have the conditions to place large floor boxes, small desktop bookshelf speakers should be the first choice for multimedia active speakers.
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