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How do AliExpress sellers manage their stores during the Spring Festival?

2021-02-13 651
The Spring Festival is approaching, and many sellers begin to think that it is time to relax for a good year. However, during this period is the best time to increase the number of orders! Because, during the Spring Festival of AliExpress, many sellers have to take holidays and rest, and the competitiveness is greatly reduced. At this time, when will you wait for no action?

How to seize the opportunity to increase store sales?

1. About AliExpress Express
During the Spring Festival of AliExpress, many stores will be closed for various reasons, but customer demand will not stop, so we can seize the first opportunity.
In many cases, the first factor consumers consider during the Spring Festival is to look at whoever delivers the goods, so you can write in your store or the details page, the store will be open during the Spring Festival and will be shipped normally. . Then your conversion will be higher, and if there are similar activities with free shipping, the conversion will be more objective.
So when others are resting, we continue to fight and surpass others in one fell swoop. After the Spring Festival, we can get a better transaction and sales ranking.

2. On the issue of AliExpress through train
Many sellers will stop the promotion of AliExpress through trains during the Spring Festival, so we have to do the opposite. In this matter, increase the promotion of through trains. Because there is less competition during this period and the through train fare will be lower, we can seize this opportunity.

In addition, during the Spring Festival, AliExpress Express recommends a wide range of nets. Because at this time, consumers are visiting Taobao for no purpose. Everyone is relatively leisurely, and the accuracy is not strong. You may see that similar products are better and your home is still shipping normally. A promotion plan can fill up to 200 words, and it can be put on the whole time in the whole country. Because the PPC is relatively low, it doesn't cost much.

How do AliExpress sellers manage their stores during the Spring Festival?

3. About the new issue of AliExpress
A few years ago, the editor suggested not to have new styles, and wait until the end of the year to regularly add new styles to spring styles, and start to push it step by step. Because the season is changing after the new year, it is very critical. Consumer demand will rise rapidly and your business traffic will gradually increase, so you must maintain a new rhythm. So if we were years ago, we should be ready for the new product launch and operation plan after the year.

Fourth, pay attention to the AliExpress wireless terminal
During the Spring Festival of AliExpress, most people will go out and spend less time in front of the computer, and the percentage of shopping on the wireless end will be more. Therefore, during this time, you can set up the activities of the wireless end and make a plan for the operation of the wireless end. You can do a collection activity, because many of the traffic during the AliExpress Spring Festival will not be purchased, and may be collected after the next year, so do some collection activities and make full use of these traffic.
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