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How should FBA layout and configuration reduce costs?

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As a cross-border e-commerce Amazon seller, the cost of cross-border logistics FBA always affects the hearts of Amazon sellers. The cost of FBA affects the survival and development of the store to a certain extent, so how to control Amazon FBA shipping is something that every Amazon seller is considering. What should the seller do when Amazon’s shipping fee is too high?

For products shipped using Amazon FBA, the freight cost is bound to be higher than that of self-delivered products, but the advantages of FBA are also beyond the reach of self-delivery. Because FBA products not only include the cost of the process, but also increase the cost of distribution and storage. But sending FBA can increase sales by 6-10 times, so the first solution is to increase the price to a certain extent, and then consider reducing costs. The specific price level can be calculated through the FBA revenue calculator.

The following is how we sorted out how to control logistics costs to increase the interests of cross-border e-commerce sellers.

1. Choose products carefully
First of all, sellers can take logistics into consideration when choosing products. Because of the same value of products, small-volume logistics costs will be lower and profit margins will be higher. Therefore, between large-volume products and small-volume products, sellers should pay more Consider more small-volume products.

Two, cleverly design packaging
The seller can refer to the volume of the container and design the packaging according to the order quantity. For example, a carton usually contains l2 pieces, but if a container cannot fit, it can be changed to a carton to hold 15 or 20 pieces. Then design the size of the carton according to the size of the container's inner box, and develop a good packing plan to achieve an optimal state. The cost savings will be considerable.

How should FBA layout and configuration reduce costs?

Third, the products are sold with each other
There are two common practices here, one is the same product, and multiple pieces are sold at a discounted price, such as 20% off for 3 pieces; the other is complementary products, which can be recommended for customers to buy together, such as curling irons + air cushion hair combs. Products are sold in combination with each other, which can effectively reduce FBA costs. For example, if a product is sold for $20 and sold to 5 different customers, the seller needs to pay 5 FBA shipping costs. But if these 5 products are an order and sold together, the seller only needs to pay the FBA shipping fee once.

Four, choose the right service provider
The key to choosing a logistics service provider is how to choose a transportation method that is convenient for buyers and also suitable for you. For sellers, you can choose according to the following principles:
1. The price is moderate, because this is an important factor leading to logistics costs, so the price needs to be controlled within a controllable range.
2. Good security and strong traceability, try to let buyers know the delivery status of items at any time;
3. Good timeliness and strong controllability. Items need to be delivered within the delivery time the buyer expects (usually the buyer expectation value increases as the price of the item rises, if the buyer can purchase the same product locally, the buyer expectation value will also be higher)
4. Good service and high cost performance. On the premise of ensuring that the above principles are not violated, choose a more cost-effective logistics method.
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