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What tips does Amazon choose to create explosive products?

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Everyone knows that Amazon is the largest e-commerce platform in the society right now. On Amazon, those who get popular products are right in the world. The order rate is closely related to Amazon's popular products. Then as an Amazon seller, how can you choose Amazon's popular products? What about the product? What are the techniques?

Delve into the Amazon platform

1)Best Seller
When we are researching hot-selling products, we have to choose those products that have a small number of reviews, but have a rapid rise in rankings and high unit prices. The excessive number of reviews indicates that the competition is fierce, and it is difficult to compete as a seller of new products. In addition, pay more attention to newly released products, keep up with the trends of competing products, and pay attention to new product features. Especially before the holiday promotion, look at the historical holiday hot selection data can bring you a lot of inspiration.

2) Product Detail Page
The reference value of the product details page is relatively large. When we are researching, we must consider these four points: buy and buy, look and look, look but buy, and keyword recommendations. Buy-and-buy refers to the behavior of consumers buying other products after purchasing a certain product for the first time. It is the supplement of functions in the usage scenario and the supplement of the demand in the purchase scenario.

For example, Bluetooth headsets and headset boxes. Look and look means that consumers have searched for a product and then browsed another product, which is suitable for standard products with multiple parameters or non-standard products with multiple appearances. Buying after seeing it means that consumers did not place an order after clicking on your product but looked at your other products or competing products from other buyers. In this case, we need to improve our products in terms of price, appearance and style. If the keyword recommends a product, most of the new products are added, or product upgrades can be made.

What tips does Amazon choose to create explosive products?

3) Best Match
Similarly, the number of reviews of products under this module cannot be too many. And the product ranking should be high, at least the top 1-3 pages of search rankings under multiple keywords, there is no need to read it after 3 pages, the reference value is not large, and those products will have no effect if you do it.

4)Top Sellers & Brands
Track industry sales and brand products. From the product line perspective, track the new product lines and new brands that are selling well in the industry and see how they do Amazon product selection. Track the new development trend of brand products in this category to verify the product line and functional requirements.

How to judge whether this product can be made?

First look at the launch time to determine whether the product is a new product that has been launched recently or an old product that has been launched for a long time.
Judge category popularity, life cycle and update frequency from the online time. Secondly, we look at the price. Can we do it if the current price drops a little bit? Finally, the store performance of existing sellers, if we sell, can we compete with others.
If the average star rating of the product is less than 3.5, don’t do it. Anything less than 3.5 is basically junk and not worth doing. Unless you are confident, you can build the product with a score of 4.2 to 4.5. The possibility of explosions. And choose those products that have a recent increase in the number of reviews.
If you can achieve the following prices, I suggest you do this product:
● Your target price <price of the highest ranked product*0.9;
● Your target price<new product price*09;
● Your target price

How to improve a single product?
Where can I find the pain points of customers? The first is users' complaints about their products. These can be collected on commonly used forums, social media and other platforms. Amazon Review is the easiest and most effective way to collect the pain points of similar products.
After we have collected user pain points, we can improve our single products in the following ways.
● Adding accessories can effectively prevent follow-up and improve customer experience.
● Change the packaging, brand our products into trademarks, upgrade the product brand image from the packaging, and improve the user's unpacking experience. For example, Amazon recently launched a tear-and-open packaging that is very convenient and quick.
● Change the color and make multiple different colors for the same product.
● Micro-innovation, upgrades in functions, materials, appearance and parameters make the original product more usable.
● Technological innovation, completely redesigned products, but ordinary sellers do not have the ability to subversive innovation, but it is relatively easy to differentiate from the above four points.
Therefore, when we are doing product expansion, we need to fully consider product layout, market maturity and supply chain resources. In particular, you must be clear about your positioning, whether you want to run volume or run profit, and who the target consumer group is will affect your selection direction.

Competitive product analysis
Competitive product listing analysis: Sellers can learn about the shelf time of competing products. Sellers also need to analyze the listing and copywriting of competing products before choosing products.
Review survey: Sellers can see how many reviews of competitors' products are in the category of their products.
It is important to know that evaluation is an important factor that affects conversion, and it is also a factor that affects whether a product can rank better.
For a product, Review is a good feedback. We need to know whether the market customers’ satisfaction with this product is OK.
We can find more Review Listings, list all the good and bad reviews, and sum up the satisfaction and dissatisfaction of customers of this type of product.
Differentiated analysis: Public model products lack uniqueness and are easy to be followed. If there are no bright spots, they are also followed. It is easy to cause chaotic operation rhythm.
Therefore, when choosing products, sellers should give priority to products that can be differentiated as much as possible. These differentiated changes can be silk screen logo, replacement part color, independent customized packaging, etc.
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