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What is a speaker

2021-02-12 453
The speaker is actually a device that restores and outputs the audio signal. Its working principle is that the sound card transmits the output sound signal to the speaker, and the sound wave that the human ear can hear is restored through the speaker

The types of speakers can be classified in the following four ways:

What is a speaker

(1) Box material. According to the material of the cabinet, it can be divided into two types: plastic speakers and wooden speakers.

(2) The number of channels. According to the number of channels, it can be divided into 2.0 channels (two-channel stereo), 2.1 channels (two channels + bass channel), 4.1 channels (4 channels + bass channel), 5.1 channels (5 channels) Channel + bass channel) and 7.1 channel (7 channel + bass channel), etc. ,

(3) Interface type. According to the interface type, there are ordinary interface speakers and USB interface speakers.

(4) The inside and outside of the power amplifier. According to the internal and external placement of the power amplifier, there are active speakers and passive speakers. Among them, the active speaker has a built-in amplifier, while the passive speaker has an external amplifier.
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