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AliExpress Xiaobai’s link explanation: title writing

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First of all, we must know the rules of the title: only 128 characters can be filled in, the first letter of the word should be capitalized, and try not to pile up.

How to write a better title? It is not necessary to fill in 128 characters, nor is it just like writing the manual. You have to follow the rules of the platform. We must remember that the title is composed of "keywords", and this keyword determines the basis of the link.

How to find these keywords is what we are going to talk about today. The platform will record the keyword search for each customer. Therefore, the keywords we need are the number of searches, the good exposure, the good conversion, and the matching with our products.

AliExpress Xiaobai’s link explanation: title writing

First of all, we enter the top of our account like this

If we want to list a product, we need to click "Release" in "Products"

Then there is the interface we want to list.

Let’s take robot as an example. First, we first find out the product category

Find the corresponding category, and then fill in the title.

Find keywords: keywords.

1 The most important thing in the title is the keyword. My understanding of the keyword is the popular name of a type of product. Of course, we can't make up keywords by ourselves. As long as it's about the platform, it must be to solve problems with intelligence. It will definitely record the words that customers search on the platform. A certain search volume and a good conversion rate are the keywords we need. Then we can also find these keywords.

Method 1: Click "Search Analysis" in "Business Staff" to enter

The next step is to accurately enter the category we want to list to find our keywords.

Click on the picture to enter the category, and you will enter the keyword interface.

Choose keywords that are suitable for your own products and have a high degree of fit.

Method 2: Enter the AliExpress buyer platform, enter robot in the search box, and some long-tail words will appear

You can also combine some other words to let the system derive long-tail words, and then after searching, there will be some combination words under the search box

Title writing: Finally, select the most suitable keywords to assemble the keywords that are exposed and forwarded. The sentences are smooth and the keywords should not be repeated too much.

Let me talk about my understanding of the title: Because most of the traffic in a link later is searched in, we must pay attention to the search interface. Every keyword and link in the title will have a certain degree of stickiness and will have a ranking. The higher the ranking of the keyword in the link, the more organic traffic the link has. Because when you don’t open the through train, the keyword searched by customers and the position where the product appears is the position of the ranking. Therefore, a link that the page can say is a keyword.

Hope it can be helpful to everyone.
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