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How to manage shopee stores during the Spring Festival?

2021-02-12 562
During the Spring Festival, many Shopee cross-border stores are affected by logistics holidays and factory shutdowns. So how to manage shopee stores during the Spring Festival?

1. Stock up in advance

During the Spring Festival, domestic factories have been shut down for a long time, and various hot-selling sources will be very tight before the Spring Festival. Many merchants will choose to stock up in stock some time before the factory holiday, so as to ensure the large sales volume, but also to ensure that the store will not be out of stock during the Spring Festival holiday. We can use the data platform, combined with the analysis of hot-selling products and soaring products, to help sellers make a good choice of products on the shelves, so that they can be more confident in purchasing and stocking.

How to manage shopee stores during the Spring Festival?

2. Store preparation
Most Southeast Asian consumers continue to shop online during the Spring Festival. If they visit your store, they are closed because of lack of stock. As a result, they lose customers and may lose a potential loyal fan. Do the following 3 points, take a good rest during the New Year, and customers will not run:

(1) It is not recommended to open the store vacation mode
After the store vacation mode is turned on, the related products of the store cannot be searched by users, and all the products in the store cannot be ordered. Although the holiday for a few days during the Spring Festival is not long, it is easy to cause user loss, and it is difficult to restore traffic if the vacation mode is closed after the new year.
Then, if the holiday mode is not turned on, can the store products be adjusted to pre-sale? However, shopee's various sites have strict requirements for preferred sellers. If pre-sales are opened during the holidays, it is basically equivalent to giving up the qualifications of preferred sellers. However, if the pre-sale exceeds the ratio required by the preferred sellers, there is no way to become a preferred seller.
After opening the pre-sale for shop-type sellers, the quantity of goods may be hidden.
If you don’t want the traffic to be restricted and you can operate normally, it is generally recommended that you adjust the inventory. For products that cannot be ordered, products that are ordered occasionally, and products that are out of stock, the inventory is adjusted to 0. Everyone is in the background-my products- Download sales data in the batch tool-adjust to 0 in stock-save the form and upload.

(2) Announcement of leave instructions in advance
During the Spring Festival, many logistics will also have holidays. If you encounter a situation that cannot be delivered in time, you must explain the situation to the buyer to avoid too long waiting time for placing an order and receiving bad reviews.

(3) Customer service arrangement
Shop chats During the Spring Festival, it is inevitable that customers will come for information. It is recommended that automatic replies and customer service personnel are on duty to ensure that customers can get timely responses.
Automatic reply: In addition to explaining matters related to vacations, we must also emphasize the order matters to avoid problems such as super-materials!
Person on Duty: Ensure that there is a human customer service to reply to the chat, 1-2 times a day, the chat response rate is less than 20%, but points will be deducted.
In addition, it is also very important to stabilize store traffic during the holidays. If the store can open and operate normally during the Spring Festival, it is best, but pay attention to the express holiday time, the delivery time of the supplier, and the store's hot products should be prepared in advance.
Sellers near the warehouse can operate normally during the Spring Festival, and they can pull the goods by themselves and send them out. Sellers who are not near the warehouse can see if they can collect them.
During the Spring Festival, regardless of whether you can ship normally or not, it is recommended that sellers talk about automatic responses on the shop homepage, in the banner, and inform the shop of the vacation time in the shop description, inform the seller of the delivery time, and preview some shop activities to avoid customers Complaints, returns.
In order to avoid deductions during the Spring Festival, it is necessary to calculate the delivery time and respond to customer questions in a timely manner to avoid delays in delivery and refunds. During the Spring Festival, the chat response rate is less than 20%, and shops may be deducted points.

3. Arrange duty
In addition to preparing the customer service staff on duty, we must also arrange the warehouse staff reasonably; if it is a seller who has opened an overseas warehouse store, the customer service arrangement is very important to ensure that the goods can be shipped out on time without affecting normal delivery.

4. Continuous activities
During the Spring Festival, although it cannot be shipped due to holidays and other reasons, it can also seize the advantage of large traffic on the holiday platform, retain the source of customers to the store, successfully attract fans, and prepare for the start of work after the new year. Sellers can launch various activities to attract consumers. At the same time, there are also many big promotion activities on the Shopee platform. Merchants can choose to participate in the seller backstage-marketing center-event page.

How to manage shopee stores during the Spring Festival? The above is the sharing of related dry goods~
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