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Wrong selection, efforts were wasted!

2021-02-12 522

Today, there is a friend who is doing clothing foreign trade. The product selection cycle is too long and the cost of trial and error is too high. This is a very common situation. In other words, some sellers spend a month or two to choose a product, and find the factory to communicate with the factory for a month. The factory takes 45 to 60 days to produce. After the production is produced, one is shipped from the sea Month before starting operations. This entire cycle took half a year, and he was a new seller, Xiaobai, because the product was not selected or the operation was not done well, resulting in failure. At this time, if you are not reconciled, and use the same cycle to choose a product to try and make mistakes, as a result, one year has passed, and your confidence in Amazon will disappear. The cost of this trial and error is too high, the biggest is the opportunity cost and time cost. This is a common misunderstanding of doing Amazon.

Wrong selection, efforts were wasted!

We who do Amazon often say that choosing the product is king, and choosing the right product is half the battle.

Well, if you have any questions about Amazon's operations, product selection, and promotion, you can ask me questions. Welcome everyone to communicate together.
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