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How to use Amazon's traffic?

2021-02-12 460
First of all, we must clarify how many traffic portals we have, which are free traffic, which are paid traffic, and find out which ones we can control and optimize?

Generally speaking, Amazon traffic sources are divided into three sections: intra-site traffic, off-site traffic, and direct source (opening the listing link directly). In-site traffic is the direct entry of customers through the Amazon platform. It is the most important way for Amazon sellers to actively obtain traffic. The flow outside the station, the flow inside the station is more accurate.

Site traffic includes
1. Official promotion traffic
2. Search traffic (keyword traffic)
3. Browsing traffic

4. Associated traffic Off-site traffic includes social media and discount sites (Offsite Deal), which attract customers to Amazon's listing page through these platforms.

How to use Amazon's traffic?

Secondly, we need to know the specific location and influencing factors of these traffic displays. For example, the related traffic has natural traffic related and paid traffic related.
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Frequently bought together (FBT) tying association: promotion
Customers who bought this item also bought
Customers who viewed this item also viewed
Compared with similar products Compared with similar products
what other items do customer buy after viewing this item

The influencing factors are:
1. Product competitiveness
2. Price advantage
3. The completeness and display effect of the listing page
4.Review, star rating
5. Discount strength
6. Store performance
7. Product similarity and substitutability
8. Customer buying habits
9. Collocation and reference

Finally, we need to know what we can do?
1. Based on market acceptance, targeted development of products that are different from competing products, such as color, number of accessories, product capacity, volume, weight, etc.
2. Accurately deliver ASIN ads
3. Improve the listing page
4. Maintain review and star ratings and improve QA
5. Bundled complementary products to brush orders, additional purchases, collections

Then the effects are:
1. Create differentiation
2. Conducive to expanding the brand and increasing market share
3. Increase product optionality
4. Expand traffic entrance
5. Quickly improve the review, hope it will be helpful to you~
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