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Several popular absorbing materials

2021-02-11 614
The electromagnetic shielding sheet made of ferrite absorbing material made of soft magnetic material mixed with resin can absorb and attenuate electromagnetic noise radiated by electronic equipment in a wide frequency range and reduce interference.

Non-woven absorbing material: also known as [noise suppression sheet/magnetic sheet/electromagnetic wave absorber/Flexield], it is a flexible magnetic sheet made of magnetic material and resin; the absorbing material can be used in a wide frequency range It suppresses the radiated noise generated by electronic equipment, absorbs electromagnetic interference (EMI) and converts it into heat to be lost, becoming the perfect solution for EMC of electronic equipment.

Several popular absorbing materials


1. Soft has excellent flexibility in processing

2. Thin and light can be installed in a small space

3. Large absorption attenuation, small reflection attenuation

4. Convenient to use, just stick the product on the appropriate position in the device

Product Usage:
Can be used as noise absorption for mobile devices (notebook computers, tablet computers, digital cameras, game consoles, mobile phones FPC/FPC; can reduce electromagnetic radiation of various electronic devices (noise generated by CPU, etc.) can reduce EMI (resonance) inside the shielding frame , Crosstalk) can be used in LCD color TV, DVD, DVB, integrated computer, TV tuner, GPS navigator, etc. to prevent electromagnetic radiation interference.
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