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Attention from the seller! Amazon has a new policy for delivery

2021-01-29 510
Amazon has always asked very little for self-shipping sellers. When self-shipping sellers were still complacent, Amazon suddenly updated its shipping policy for self-shipping sellers.

According to the latest announcement:

Important note: delete shipping policy update

If the seller uses a third party to complete the order, a practice known as direct shipping, it must comply with all Amazon policies to ensure a consistent customer experience and easily identify the seller as the seller of record.

The important reminder is that all violations of the direct shipping policy will undermine the trust of customers.

Therefore, any violation of Amazon's direct shipping policy will have a negative impact on the seller's account health and the seller's ability to use Amazon's Merchant Private Network (MFN) to fulfill future orders.

Amazon strictly prohibits the following direct shipping methods:

1. The seller may not directly purchase products from other retailers. The retailer provides delivery services, such as:

● The shipment does not identify the seller as the seller of record

● Anyone other than the seller who appears on the packing list, invoice or outer packaging

Attention from the seller! Amazon has a new policy for delivery

Note: This means that names, logos or any other identifying information from other retailers may not appear on the content received by customers.

2. The seller shall not ship orders with packing list, outer packaging or other information indicating the seller's name or contact information different from the seller's own.

If the seller uses direct shipping for fulfillment, they must strictly abide by the following requirements of Amazon’s policies:

● The seller must always be the seller of the product record, which means that the seller identifies himself as the seller of the product in all the information attached to the product.

● Before shipping, please delete all information identifying the third-party direct carrier.

● Responsible for accepting and processing customer returns.

Amazon is not only strict with third-party sellers, but also on its own application icons. Recently, Amazon updated new application icons.

Although Amazon has never been synonymous with fashion design, Amazon's new app icon seems to be a rare attempt at minimalism in fashion and simplicity.

The icon appears in app stores in several regions, with Amazon's iconic arrow/smile logo design on a brown background (possibly based on its cardboard box), and a hint of light blue wrapping tape.

Attention from the seller! Amazon has a new policy for delivery

At first glance, this new icon has a lot to like.

By placing a smile, perhaps Amazon’s most well-known visual asset, front and center, it will become a simple and confident design, and it will definitely stand out on your home screen.

However, although some Internet users like this new icon, some users found an unfortunate design flaw, which all involves a small piece of blue tape on the top of the icon. When placed above the "smile", it looks a bit like a beard.

Users think this is somewhat similar to Adolf Hitler. Amazon may make adjustments to the existing icons out of rigor. It may be to add a second piece of tape under the smile or remove the tape completely. If there is any change, the full brown icon It will look cleaner and more attractive.
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