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The most basic condition for the sound system to be called sound is that it has the function of playing back sound. In an audio system, at least the following points must be included to qualify as an audio system. This is true for any audio system, and car audio is no exception. Car audio mainly includes three parts: host, speaker, and power amplifier. The host is the most important part of the car audio, just like the human brain, what kind of sound to make must be controlled by the brain. Popular hosts include RADIO host with only broadcast receiving function, RADIO plus MP3 host, CD host, MP3 plus CD box, CD plus navigation host and CD/DVD/car MP5 host,
The MP5 host has replaced the general car CD audio system, and the massive hard disk capacity has replaced the traditional disc. Car MP5 has become mainstream today.

With the rapid development of my country's automobile industry, the auto parts and parts industries are also growing rapidly. At present, 90% of my country's car audio market is occupied by foreign brands. Since the first Philips car audio entered China in the early 1990s, the car audio market has developed into a large professional market with annual sales of nearly 3 billion yuan, which is more than 300 times that of 10 years ago. As of the end of 2010, the scale of China's car audio market was close to 3 billion. However, in the Chinese car audio market, Japanese brands account for 50% of the market, European and American brands account for 40%, and Chinese local brands account for only 10%.

Car speaker

Software and media
What do you want to hear? A show of traffic conditions? Then you have to turn on the radio station and tune to the correct channel. Want to watch TV in the car? It's even simpler. The LCD screen has long been one of the protagonists of car audio systems, even if you want to watch DVDs. Want to listen to music? Play a record of your choice, whether it is a CD, MD, or cassette, regardless of which singer’s singing is included in the music. Play the record for anyone you like. Buns have their own advantages.

Sound source
Organizations that can decode software and multimedia are called sound sources. This proper term may seem incomprehensible, but it is actually a very simple thing! The one that plays radio is called a tuner, commonly known as a radio; the one that plays cassette is called a cassette player; as for the one that plays CD records, it is called CD-Player, which is also called CD-Player—it's very simple!
Pre-level signal control
To put it simply, the front stage is before the back stage. We generally refer to the power amplifier as the back stage, so in the sound source and the power amplifier
Signal control
Signal control
In between, all the processing devices for music signals are called pre-stage. For example, the control of the volume on the car audio host belongs to the front-end part, which controls the strength of the signal. In other audio equipment, the more commonly seen pre-control parts include adjustment of treble and bass, left and right balance, front and rear volume adjustment, and Loudless loudness control. In addition, there is an audio equalizer (EQ) that is more complicated. Its function is the same as that of bedside speakers, which has multiple frequency adjustments and displays different patterns on the screen. In addition, the digital sound effect processor DSP is also standard equipment for many mainframes. Simply put, it simulates the sound characteristics of spaces such as stadiums, dance halls, or concert halls. In short, any organization that deals with signal processing or adjustment is the front-end.

Power amplifier
Most of the sound signal intensity controlled by the pre-stage is only a few volts, which is not enough to drive the unit. Therefore, the signal must be given some "power pill" to make the signal intensity stronger so that it can be calculated in watts (W). The mechanism of signal enhancement success rate output is called power amplifier, which is commonly known as power amplifier. Generally speaking, the total output power value of the audio system, that is, the sum of the output power of all the power amplifiers in the system, is used as the grading of the audio system in terms of magnitude.
The device that turns electrical energy into sound waves is called a speaker. Perhaps readers have guessed that speakers are commonly known as speakers! Isn't it... It's only half right. The mechanism that can convert the signal into sound, in addition to the reciprocating-coil-type speaker, which is usually round or oval, there are other types of speakers! For example, the ribbon type (Ribbon) that uses metal tape to sound, and the electrostatic type speaker that drives the flat diaphragm with static electricity also have a place in the audio. However, moving coil speakers are still the mainstream in car audio. In my impression, except for the ribbon-type car tweeters of Infinity and Taiwan EVIL, the others are common moving coil monomers.
Transmission agency
For a complete audio system, wire is an indispensable component, but wire is often overlooked. In fact, the quality of the wire will directly affect the quality of the sound, because the difference in the design and specifications of the wire from the material, twisted structure, diameter, insulation and impedance value, etc., will affect the signal or power transmission. As for the use of wires, different devices require wires with different design orientations, such as power supply, grounding, start-up, signal, horn, optical fiber, and wires required for special systems. They are all designed due to their different requirements. The difference. For example, for speaker cables that require sound quality, the purity of the material must be as high as possible, otherwise too much impurities will affect the full performance of the sound. In addition, the terminal between the wire and the equipment is also very important. Whether the contact is firm or not, the size of the contact area, the design and material of the connector, and whether the grounding is good will also have a significant impact on the sound effect.
Car audio is mostly front and rear

Among the mainframes, there are already a sound source, pre-stage and post-stage, including the basic structure of the sound composition. Why do you say this way? Do you see if the host has a single CD, tape deck or radio? There are at least two of them! That's the sound source. Look at the car audio host, is it possible to adjust the volume, and even the lowest-end host can also adjust the treble and bass tone! That means there is a previous level. In addition, do most hosts have output power? If in the car audio system, the main unit is used to directly push the speaker, then it must be that the main unit contains a power amplifier. For example, ordinary original mainframes or most modified mainframes will have power output. And there is a kind of host that does not have a built-in power amplifier output. This kind of host is generally called a dumb machine and only has signal output. Don't think that this kind of host will be cheaper. In fact, most dumb phones are the most advanced flagship level, because the speakers that use the dumb phone must be equipped with power amplifiers, so the internal parts of the host are more advanced and the circuit structure is more advanced. For completeness, so the price is also the most expensive!
In terms of power amplifier, if it is a model with functions such as tone adjustment, electronic crossover, equalization or parameters, it includes two parts, the front stage and the rear stage, that is, a comprehensive power amplifier; if it is purely power amplification The model is only the latter part.
What if it is a speaker? Needless to say, it is a pure post. Even if it includes a passive crossover, it is only a part tailored for the speaker. Although it also has the control signal's crossover and tone adjustment, it is still a part of the speaker system.
Next time you see any car audio equipment, you can analyze it yourself! The size of the system is audio. Some people think that the audio installed in your car is really simple. Can it be called an audio? I think that as long as the above-mentioned complete conditions can produce the sound you want to hear or specify, it can be called a speaker, even if the equipment is only the original host with a few speakers. Conversely, if a large system with several audio sources and many amplifiers has no volume control, can it be heard? If there is no horn, can it sound? No matter how large the scale and equipment are, such a system is not considered a sound system.
The size of the car audio system depends on the individual's requirements for sound quality. Regardless of the scale of your car's audio system, when you turn on the car's audio next time, as long as it can provide the music you want to listen to and serve your hearing, it is the most perfect car audio system.
However, when you are choosing a speaker, it is best to buy a branded kit, so that not only the quality is guaranteed, but the product manual must be very detailed, which will guide you how to use it correctly and avoid the embarrassment of using errors. .
According to the time when the car left the factory
According to the time when the car leaves the factory, it is divided into original products and after-sale products. The original products refer to the original products, which are the speakers installed on the car panel when the car owner buys the car. Different grades of cars choose different grades of brands to match it. But no matter what brand you choose, the function and sound quality of its audio are limited (except for particularly top cars). The reason is that car manufacturers must design the car audio buttons to be larger from a safety point of view, and the audio function must also undergo a long time. Only after the test of time was it agreed to be used (some advanced functions cannot be used because they have not been tested for a long time).
After-sales products refer to the audio that consumers choose when they are not satisfied with the car stereo after buying the car. Since it is not restricted by the car factory, it can be described as the Eight Immortals crossing the sea and showing their magical powers.
By region of car audio brand
According to the geographical division of car audio brands, it can be divided into Japanese brands and European and American brands. This is also a classification that everyone is more familiar with, and home audio is often compared with this classification.
Japanese brand speakers are good at reading and modifying sound quality. Sound reading refers to the process in which the host obtains signals from digital and analog sound sources. The technology of Japanese brand audio is very mature, and the sound quality is pure and delicate. Modification of sound quality refers to the use of mathematical methods to create various field effects to please the human ear, such as BBE, DHE, various field simulations, etc. These functions break the true color of the sound source, but are more in line with the habits of the human ear, so it is very To please consumers. Generally speaking, the sound quality of most Japanese speakers is relatively balanced, which is in line with public consumption.
European and American brand speakers are known for their true restoration and low-range shock in power amplification. Europeans and Americans pay attention to the true nature of music, while some manufacturers pay special attention to bass. In home audio, European and American brand power amplifiers and speakers are more respected.
According to the specificity of car audio manufacturers
According to the specificity of car audio manufacturers, it can be divided into professional manufacturers that only produce car audio and wide-area product manufacturers that produce both car audio and other home appliances. If the debugging is improper, it may not be as balanced as passive partials. Hard to hear.
History development
Although the audio equipment is only an auxiliary equipment for the car, it has no effect on the running performance of the car. However, as people's requirements for enjoyment are getting higher and higher, car manufacturers are also paying more and more attention to car audio equipment and use it as one of the basis for evaluating car comfort. The development history of car audio is also the development history of electronic technology. Every major technological advancement in electronic technology promotes the development of car audio. As early as 1923, the United States first appeared in cars equipped with radio radios, and then many cars followed suit and installed radio radios on the dashboard assembly. At this time, car radios all used electronic tubes. Until the emergence of semiconductor technology in the 1950s, car radios experienced a technological revolution. Semiconductor tubes gradually replaced electronic tubes, which increased the life of car radios. In the early 1970s, cassette tape recorders entered the market. A dual-purpose cassette player capable of playing cassette tapes appeared on cars, and the movement began to use integrated circuits. Until the end of the 1980s, most car stereos were based on a cassette receiver and a pair of speakers. The speakers were divided into left and right channels. Some were placed on both sides of the dashboard assembly, and some were placed on both sides of the dashboard assembly. In the door, some are placed behind the rear seat, and the output power of the retractable dual-purpose machine is mostly about 20 watts.
Today, car audio has entered a new milestone, developing in the direction of high-power multiple output, multi-speaker loop-back audio, and multi-chat laser CD. The world's audio manufacturers have also opened up car audio as a dedicated industrial sector. Aiming at the special environment of the car, fully considering the sound effect of the car, using high-tech to manufacture car audio equipment, the sound effect of its broadcast is completely comparable to that of home audio. The AM/FM audio system of the Lexus LS400 car in Japan has 5 amplifiers and 7 crossover speakers, including 2 arched high-frequency speakers, 4 wide-band speakers and a rear-mounted 8-inch low-frequency speaker. The whole carriage is full of stereophonic looping experience.
There are already a variety of advanced audio equipment for cars on the market. Some car audio enthusiasts place high-power amplifiers and electronic network devices in the car trunk, and insert subwoofer large-diameter speakers and other types of speakers into the bottom wall of the rear window. The board and the door panel use independent DC power supply, the power output is more than hundreds of watts, the sound is rich and beautiful, and the height is wrong, turning the small space in the car into a pleasant music appreciation room, giving people a beautiful enjoyment .
The operating environment of the car is very harsh, including vibration, high temperature, noise, electromagnetic waves, etc., which will interfere with the normal operation of the electronic equipment in the car. Therefore, the design and manufacturing requirements of car-specific audio equipment are more stringent than home audio. And the price is high. In this sense, high-performance car audio is actually the top product in today's audio world.
Technical points
It is a recognized fact that audio has become one of the standards for measuring the grade of modern cars. Therefore, car audio technology has become a concern for car consumers and enthusiasts.
There are five points to pay attention to in car audio technology. One is the installation size and installation technology, the other is the suspension technology of the audio itself, the other is the sound quality processing technology, the other is the anti-interference technology, and the initiative that has just been used in the automotive field. Noise reduction technology.
Power amplifier
Power amplifier
Installation dimensions and installation technology
Most of the speakers on the car are installed on the dashboard or sub-instrument panel, and the space in these dashboards is relatively narrow. The volume of the car audio host must be limited, so a universal mounting hole has been created internationally Standard size, called DIN (German Industrial Standard) size. The standard DIN size is 178 mm × 50 mm × 153 mm (length × width × depth). Some of the more advanced car audio mainframes are equipped with multi-disc CD audio and other devices. The mounting hole size is 178 mm × 100 mm × 153 mm, which is also called 2 times the DIN size. It is mostly seen in Japanese machines. There are individual brands of cars whose audio host is of non-standard size and can only be designated to install a certain model of car audio. Therefore, when purchasing a car stereo, you must pay attention to whether the size of the stereo main unit matches the size of the mounting hole on the dashboard.
In addition to the installation hole size of the instrument panel, the installation of car audio is more important to the installation of the entire audio system, especially the installation technology of speakers and mechanical parts. Because the sound quality of a car is not only related to the quality of the sound itself, but also directly related to the installation technology of the sound.
Shock Absorption Technology
The vibration of the car is relatively large, and the installation technology of the audio system must pursue high stability and high reliability. Therefore, car audio has the following characteristics: the car tape playback part is mostly placed horizontally, and clamped up and down to ensure stable playback; high-quality ceramic-coated permalloy heads are used to ensure sound quality and durability; CD Some use multi-stage vibration reduction methods, which require absolutely reliable soldering of components on the circuit board.
Sound quality processing technology

The sound quality processing of car audio has developed towards digital technology. High-end car audio has DAT digital audio, DSP (digital signal processor), MP3 technology, etc., forming a digital, logical, high-power Hi-Fi stereo system. In addition to the sound quality of car audio

In addition to the host configuration, the quality of the speakers also plays a very important factor. Some people think that in general car audio, speakers should account for at least half of the total investment. Because the manufacture of high-quality speakers requires complex technology and is expensive, the high and low-pitched effects are often unattainable by ordinary speakers. Therefore, the speakers of car audio are generally more particular, especially the multi-channel crossover speakers.
The space in the car compartment is limited, and it is impossible for car audio speakers to have large speakers. This requires the use of dashboards, doors, rear partitions and other components to organically combine with the speakers according to local conditions to form a structural principle similar to this speaker. The superposition of sound waves. Of course, the installation position of the speaker often affects the sound quality of the car audio. The same pair of speakers will produce different effects at different installation positions. Therefore, the installation position of the middle and high-end car audio speakers can only be determined after various tests.
Anti-jamming technology
Car audio is in a very complex environment. It is subject to electromagnetic interference from the ignition device of the car engine and various electrical appliances at any time. In particular, all the electrical appliances in the car use a battery, and it will be connected through the power cord and other lines. Sound interference. The anti-interference technology of car audio uses choke coils to filter the interference of the power cord between the power supply and the audio, and uses a metal shell to seal and shield the space radiation interference. Specially install anti-interference integrated circuits in the audio. Reduce external noise interference.
Active noise reduction technology
While people are constantly pursuing the sound quality of car audio, higher requirements are also put forward for the use environment of car audio. Some manufacturers have applied active noise reduction technology similar to noise reduction headphones in the car environment.
Selection and use of wire
Choice of wire
Wire is very important for car audio. A good wire requires safety first, followed by good anti-interference and low attenuation. Audio cables also include signal cables and power cables.
Signal line: requires good anti-interference, can reduce signal attenuation, good contact, and joints should be prevented from oxidation. Some top-level signal lines often use special alloy materials, snap-ring plugs, and gold-plated on the plug surface to prevent oxidation.
Power cord: requires stable current and voltage, low impedance, and low current attenuation. The choice of power wire is related to the power, and the high power often has a large current, so you need to choose a thicker wire. The material generally uses pure metal wire with high purity, and senior enthusiasts may use pure silver wire. In addition to good insulation, the insulating material that covers the power cord must be able to withstand high temperatures.
Wiring basics
Since the listening environment of the car audio system has many adverse effects on the listening effect, higher requirements are put forward for the installation and wiring of the car audio system.
Wiring selection
(1) The smaller the resistance of the car audio wire, the less the power consumed on the wire, and the higher the efficiency of the system. Even if the wire is very thick, a certain amount of power will be lost due to the speaker itself, and the efficiency of the entire system will not reach 100%.
(2) The smaller the resistance of the wire, the larger the damping coefficient; the larger the damping coefficient, the greater the redundant vibration of the speaker.
(3) The larger the cross-sectional area of the wire (the thicker), the smaller the resistance, and the larger the tolerance current value of the wire, the greater the allowable output power.
(4) The choice of power supply insurance. The closer the fuse box of the main power cord is to the car battery, the better. The insurance value can be determined according to the following formula:
Insurance value = (the sum of the total rated power of each power amplifier of the system × 2)/average value of the car power supply voltage
Signal line
(1) Wrap the audio signal cable joints tightly with insulating tape to ensure insulation. When the joints are in contact with the car body, noise may be generated.
(2) Keep the audio signal line as short as possible. The longer the audio signal line, the more susceptible to interference from noise signals. Note: If the length of the audio signal cable cannot be shortened, the extra long part should be folded instead of rolled up.
(3) The wiring of the audio signal line should be at least 20cm away from the power line of the trip computer unit and the power amplifier. If the wiring is too close, the audio signal line will pick up induced noise. It is best to separate the audio signal cable and the power cable on both sides of the driver's seat and the passenger's seat. Note that when wiring close to the power line and the microcomputer unit, the audio signal line must be more than 20cm away from them. If the audio signal line and the power line need to cross each other, we recommend that they cross at 90°.
Power wiring
(1) The current capacity value of the selected power cord should be equal to or greater than the value of the fuse connected to the power amplifier. If lower than standard wire is used as the power cord, AC noise will be generated and the sound quality will be seriously damaged.
(2) When a power cord is used to separate multiple power amplifiers, the length and structure of the wiring from the separation point to each power amplifier should be the same. When the power cord is bridged, there will be a potential difference between the power amplifiers. This potential difference will cause AC noise, which will seriously damage the sound quality. When the host is powered directly from the power supply, it will reduce noise and improve sound quality.
(3) Completely remove the dirt on the power supply (battery) connector, and tighten the connector. If the power connector is dirty or not tightened, there will be contact resistance at the connector. The presence of contact resistance will cause AC noise, which will seriously damage the sound quality. Use sandpaper and a fine file to remove dirt from the joints.
(4) When wiring in the automotive power system, avoid wiring near the generator and ignition device. Generator noise and ignition noise can radiate into the power line. When the original factory-installed spark plugs and spark plug cables are replaced with high-performance types, the ignition spark will be stronger, and ignition noise will be more likely to be generated at this time.
(5) The principle of wiring the power cord and the audio cord in the car body is the same.
The use, maintenance and maintenance of audio
Collocation principle
How to match the advanced settings of car audio to get the best sound quality? People often have such questions. In answering this question, we must clarify what is sound and what is a good car stereo.
As the name suggests, car audio refers to the car's audio system. Due to the small space in the car, there are various noises caused by standing wave resonance, which forms a relatively poor breathing sound environment. In this environment, how to configure a sound to be the ringtone for incoming calls to get the best results? The car audio technicians provide you with the following suggestions, I hope you will pay attention when considering the car audio configuration.
1. The balance of the system
(1) Balanced price
Price balance refers to the listening environment of the entire car and car audio system. A car with a price of 2 dollars usually has a low noise in the car, a thick, good sound insulation effect on the body, which is a fixed price with not enough 2 million high-end machine settings at all times.
(2) Combined balance
With car audio, it is important to consider a good balance between the various components, namely the host, power amplifier, speakers and wires, etc., to make appropriate choices and be exempted. For example, the videotape Da Alpine audio host is not only beautiful, most models are equipped with built-in amplifiers. So when your money is limited, choosing a host with high power output is a wise move.
2. The principle of high power output
The so-called principle of high power output is the sound system, the output power of the host or power amplifier must be set, because of its higher output power, which shows the audio linear range they can control, which also means that it is more driven by the speakers. Sound, low power amplifier is not only easy to deform, can cause more power amplifier or horn coil to burn.
3. The quality policy of natural sound playback
When people judge whether a professional audio system is good or bad, whether it is the smoothness of the frequency response curve as the main target of the evaluation. For example, whether it is a high mountain car audio host, power amplifiers and speakers have a very smooth frequency response curve. Among them, the DDDrive series speakers can provide linear and perfect bass playback effects, instead of blindly decorating and focusing on low speakers.
Grounding method
(1) Use sandpaper to remove the paint at the grounding point of the car body, and fix the grounding wire tightly. If the paint remains between the car body and the ground terminal, contact resistance will occur at the grounding point. Similar to the dirty-colored power connector described above, contact resistance will cause AC noise, which will seriously damage the sound quality.
(2) Concentrate the grounding of each module in the audio system in one place. If they are not grounded in one place, the potential difference between the components of the audio will cause noise. Note: The host and power amplifier should be grounded separately.
(3) When the system consumes a large current, the grounding terminal of the battery must be firm. The way to improve the power grounding performance is to use thick-diameter wires, such as stranded wires, between the power supply and the ground. This can strengthen the connection, effectively suppress noise and improve sound quality.
(4) Do not close the wiring of the trip computer. Please remember that when the grounding point of the host computer is close to the grounding point or fixed point of the trip computer, the trip computer noise will be generated.
How to buy
There are hundreds of types of audio equipment on the market, with prices ranging from one to two thousand yuan to tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of yuan. Experts remind that for the average car owner, it is not necessary to arm from the power amplifier to the subwoofer, the first principle of choosing a car audio is to make the most of it. If you want to choose a satisfactory product from the dazzling array of car audio, you have to consider the price, brand, dealer and other factors. [2] 
Technical indicators guide
The main components of car audio are the host, power amplifier and speakers. When purchasing, pay special attention to the performance of these three parts. The most direct way to judge the pros and cons of an audio host is to look at its technical indicators.
1. Output power: Most of the power marked by the host is music power, between 40W and 60W, the power cannot be too large.
2. Frequency response: The frequency range that the human ear can hear is between 20Hz~20KHz, so the index must reach this value at least, and the wider the better.
3. Signal-to-noise ratio: It refers to the ratio of music signal to noise. Generally, high-end car audio is above 90DB. The larger the value, the better.
4. Harmonic distortion (THD): This indicator reflects the degree of reproduction of sound. The smaller the value, the higher the degree of reproduction and the better the sound effect.
Power amplifier choice
The power amplifier is the heart of the sound system. The power and quality of the power amplifier play a vital role in the playback of music. The power amplifiers of ordinary cars are designed in the main unit, and the power is generally 10W~45W, but it is impossible to listen to multi-level high-power digital music. If you want to achieve the best sound effect, you must add an independent power amplifier to the system. The purpose is to increase the 12 volt voltage of the power supply to 35 volts to 45 volts, and drive the high-power speakers with high voltage, so that the dynamic range is increased and the music can be played more perfectly.
Speaker selection
Loudspeakers, commonly known as horns, are important equipment indispensable in audio systems. All music emits sound through "horns", just like the human throat, it is the only device that converts electrical energy into "sound". The quality of the speaker plays a vital role in the sound quality of the audio system. Speakers include woofer, midrange, and tweeter. These three units are responsible for different frequencies, but their working principles are the same.
There are many types of speakers used in car audio, including coaxial, full range, separate and ultra-low units. The smaller the area of the unit diaphragm, the higher the pitch, and the larger the area, the lower the pitch. Therefore, the audio system must use a variety of speakers of different sizes to completely restore the music.
1. It is not that the larger the nominal power, the better
It is not that the greater the nominal power, the greater the actual power of the speaker. The actual power of the speaker can only be tested with an instrument to get the result. If you want to send out perfect music, you need a perfect match between the power amplifier and the speaker.
2. The more built-in components of the crossover that is not a set speaker, the better
The number of components does not play a decisive role. The key depends on the quality of electronic components.
3. Under the condition of no distortion, ensure that the loudspeaker will not burn out if it vibrates greatly
In the state of undistorted sound, the higher the vibration frequency of the speaker, the higher its sensitivity and the stronger the ability to express sound, and it will not burn. But in the state of distortion, it's another matter.
4. It is not that the larger the magnet of the speaker, the better
Magnets are divided into high-density, low-density, strong magnetic, weak magnetic, etc. If it is a low-density weak magnet speaker, its effect will certainly not be good, and it is too bulky to install.
According to taste and budget
Be clear about the specific cost of this item, because a good audio naturally has a good price. In high-end luxury cars, there are generally more professional high-end speakers, of which European and American products are better, and their sound quality and tone are more professional than Japanese products. However, some well-known Japanese car audio brands have also launched some fever brands to compete with Europe and the United States. Although the performance is good, the price is really amazing. It is absolutely real material. Its indicators can reach the value listed on the famous brand and can be used continuously for a long time. If you choose mid-range audio equipment, it is none other than Japanese products. Its brand accounts for 2/3 of professional car audio equipment. The ratio of price to performance is value for money, and in terms of completeness of function and appearance, shape, decoration and craftsmanship, European and American products cannot compete with it.
To recognize whether it is a genuine brand
For counterfeit and shoddy products, it is best to see whether the business has a designated agent license authorized by the manufacturer of the brand's audio equipment, whether it has after-sales service capabilities and quality assurance measures. No matter how good a product is, there is no guarantee that there will be no problems in operation. In order to solve the problem of car audio maintenance and troubleshooting, when purchasing audio, pay attention to whether the selected audio brand has a professionally certified after-sales service repair station in the local area. Only an audio brand with perfect after-sales service can guarantee that the car's audio will receive professional and convenient maintenance services in case of failure.
Car audio configuration purchase experience
One. Before you prepare to configure a set of car HI-FI for your car, please go to a few more audio modification shops, listen to the equipment, pay more attention to the products of the shop, how many first-class brands in the industry, and judge the shop What is the technical ability.
two. Choose a good audio source host, a good audio source host preferably has 24BIT, such a sound source has strong analytical power, and it is easier to play back delicate and beautiful sounds.
three. To buy a good power amplifier, it is best to choose a power above 50W. The greater the power, the better the strength, the stronger the sound control, and it is easy to meet your requirements.
four. When buying a good speaker, it is best not to be coaxial. Axle speakers are synonymous with poor quality in car audio. It is best to choose a two-way horn or a three-way horn, because it is easier to make a sound field effect in the car, and increase the sense of air and cohesion.
Fives. After preparing for the above aspects, it is necessary to consider the accessories of the whole set of equipment, including: signal cable, power cable, speaker cable, special fuse, etc. Don't underestimate them. They are like human blood vessels and nerves. They connect everything needed by the body well. That is to say, the cable has a great influence on the sound quality, so you must be careful to buy it.
six. Finally, you have to learn about the entire installation process from your technicians, tell your technicians the effect you want, ask why, and remember that this is your right.
Installation note
In the process of disassembly and assembly, the original car line must not be damaged or short-circuited. When installing the equipment, the line must not be connected incorrectly. The wrong connection will cause adverse consequences. The installed equipment must have insurance measures to protect it in case of overcurrent, just like installing a time bomb, otherwise it is prone to fire. The audio circuit must not interfere with the computer and electronic devices in the car, otherwise it will malfunction. It must be installed by professionally trained personnel to ensure safety.
Disassembly technology
In the process of refitting the audio, first remove the original car audio, whether

Disassembly and assembly is the fundamental problem of modification. Because the screws cannot be seen on the surface of the instrument panel, you need to pry open the decorative parts to see the screws. The disassembly operation process requires professional and strict, otherwise it is easy to be disassembled. In the second step, you need to wire and replace the speakers, you must disassemble the door panel, door side, instrument panel, seat, decorative panel, etc. During the disassembly process, you must have special tools and keep the original intact, otherwise it will be unsightly And the sealing is not good to produce noise.
Whether the product is qualified
There are many counterfeit brand-name equipment on the market, so you must distinguish them when you buy them, otherwise there will be endless troubles. Some low-priced equipment does not show quality problems from the appearance, but the internal components are of poor quality, and the circuit design does not meet the standards. The sound quality of this equipment is not good, and it is easy to malfunction. Even produce natural. You must go to the store authorized by the manufacturer to buy it before you can use it with confidence.
How is the sound quality
It doesn’t mean buying a brand-name product that sounds good. Brand-name brands are also divided into high, medium and low grades. The grades you buy may not sound good. The most fundamental thing is that professional systems must be matched and installed and debugged to achieve good results. . It is not a simple matter of randomly connecting several lines. The sound field positioning and phase cannot be wrong, otherwise the effect will be unimaginable.
Consider after-sales service
Car audio is used in sports, the environment is bad such as: temperature, humidity, vibration, dust, etc., it is easy to cause various failures of the audio, maintenance, warranty and repair are very important issues. Buy parallel imports, refurbishment and clearance products, stealing machines, etc. at a low price. The warranty card is fake and there is no after-sales service. If it is damaged, it needs repairing or scrapping. Is it worth it? Now the equipment sold in specialty stores is not necessarily expensive. There are many cost-effective equipment that can enjoy good after-sales service. Why not do it.
Installation Environment
Some small shops are installed in the open air, the staff’s work clothes are dirty, and the stereo is installed, but the interior and exterior of the car are dirty. It is a good thing to buy a new car and change the audio, but it brings many bad consequences, and it is a sad thing. The professional shop is operated indoors, and its advantages are 1, clean, to ensure that the inside and outside of the car are clean. 2. It is not affected by temperature, and the plastic parts are easily damaged when the temperature is too low. 3. Not affected by the weather, it can work normally in wind and rain. 4. Because of the lighting, it can work in both day and dark days. 5. Customers have a good lounge.
Main engine maintenance
Most vehicles today are equipped with CD players. High temperature and humidity will directly damage the service life of the laser head, so in order to avoid direct sunlight when the sun is raging, it is best to use a sun visor to block the hot sun.
Due to the humid air in summer, it is easy to cause fog on the CD disk. If the damp CD disk enters the host directly, the reading speed of the laser head will not keep up. At the same time, the electrical components are damp, which may cause damage to the laser head. Humidity and high temperature are the main culprits of aging electronic components and laser heads.
It is not advisable to turn up the volume of the audio immediately after the car has been exposed to the sun, because the working conditions of the electronic system will change with temperature. Turning up the volume immediately will not only damage the speakers and other electrical appliances, but also affect the service life of the host.
Another natural enemy of the laser head is dust. Although the issue of dust prevention has been considered in the design process of car audio, the issue of dust prevention is still important due to the huge differences in domestic road conditions. When the road conditions are poor, the car owner should close the windows in time and pay attention to the cleaning of the car.
The car CD player mostly adopts the disc suction design. Just put the CD at the entrance, and the mechanical structure will automatically suck in the disc. Some car owners do not understand this structure and often push the disc in by hand. This will not only damage the disc, but also damage the tray structure inside the machine.
Horn maintenance
Dustproof: Dust damage is inevitable, but we can minimize its damage. Do a good job of sealing the door. The road is dusty during driving, and the windows should be closed as much as possible. If there is dust on the audio host, you can wipe it with a wrung out towel. Moreover, after cleaning the cab, it is best to open the windows for a period of time to allow most of the moisture in the car to evaporate before closing the windows, so that moisture can be well avoided. When the car is driving on a dirt road, try not to open the window to avoid a lot of dust from pouring into the car from outside, and it is best to adjust the outer circulation of the air conditioner to the inner circulation.
Moisture-proof: Water is the thing that electrical appliances fear most. Always check whether the car window sealing strip is tightly sealed. If it is not tightly sealed, water will flow from the door to the horn during a car wash or rainy day, which may damage the horn or burn the host circuit. When washing the car, close the windows and open the windows after washing. The circulating air evaporates the moisture in the car. When the speaker is damp, it will make a "buzz buzz" sound, which seriously affects the audiovisual effect.
Anti-severe vibration: Severe vibration will cause the internal parts of the speaker to become loose or damaged. When cleaning the speaker, do not vigorously beat the speaker to shake off the dust. In the case of bad road conditions, you should drive at low speed and steadily to protect the car and the speaker and ensure safety!
Disc maintenance
Do not put the disc on the dashboard. In the hot summer, the disc is prone to deformation under the hot sun.
As for the tape part of the audio, attention should also be paid to avoid heat and moisture. Excessive temperature will deform the tape and cause it to jam when it is put in the main unit. If the catalog sign on the tape is turned up, it is better to simply tear it off, otherwise it will cause the failure of the tape cannot be ejected. When not listening for a long time or when it is turned off, it is best to eject the tape, because the pressure roller will temporarily press the tape when it is turned off, and the pressure roller will be deformed if it is too long.
The disc will have dust and scratches after being used for a long time. When wiping the dust on the disc surface, wipe it in a direction perpendicular to the audio track.
Be sure to choose a good quality genuine disc when using the host. Because pirated discs often have uneven disc surfaces or disc holes, these hidden dangers will cause the laser head to jump and other failures during playback, which directly affects the life of the laser head.
Current status of car audio modification
Industry insiders pointed out: car audio is generally not recommended for one step, high-end car audio is expensive, and you should experience the enjoyment of listening to people from higher-level audio through continuous upgrades. If you can achieve top-level audio, it will be less. In addition, the freshness and satisfaction that are constantly updated, and the sound effects of top-level audio may not be suitable for ordinary users.
Consumers can choose brand-name products according to their favorite music styles. The United States, Britain, Denmark and Japan are among the world's leading audio equipment. Among them, speakers from the United States, Britain, and Denmark are popular among professional audio shops, while Japanese consoles are the darling of the audio market. The speakers of the United States, Britain, and Denmark represent the three major styles of world audio: American rock style with strong rhythm, British classic style with soft tone, and Danish serenade style with delicate tone. Each has its own strengths. [3]
Car stereo
Car stereo
Modification technology is crucial
Car audio modification is very mature in Europe, America, Japan, etc. In foreign countries, car audio modification is done by professional companies with rich audio experience.
Most of the original audio systems of imported cars produced in China are OEM products (domestic production) provided by well-known audio manufacturers, such as "Guangzhou Honda" for Japanese Pioneer and Alpine for "FAW Hainan Mazda" cars. Huizhou Central Europe’s VDO is supporting the cars of “Shanghai Volkswagen” and “FAW-Volkswagen”, Panasonic provides audio systems for “Audi” and “Fengshen Bluebird”, and Philips provides more supporting equipment for car audio equipment. Although these brands of car audio are not top-notch, they have been precisely adjusted by experts before they leave the factory, and the sound effects can meet general requirements. For more demanding car owners, they must try to modify them.
At present, most of the domestic car audio refitting are located in car supplies and car beauty and decoration shops. The operators are small workers who lack audio experience and audio knowledge. They only use the brand and price of the equipment to promote the car owners, so that the original Car owners who are not familiar with audio mistakenly believe that this is the entire content of car audio modification. Some modified speakers have not only failed to perform their effects and equipment performance normally, but even damaged the original car’s electrical system, leaving car owners with potential safety hazards in the future. Many experts pointed out that the key to modifying car audio is to watch Can effective debugging be carried out? In many cases, effective debugging is more important than brand. [4]
Reason for modification
1. The original car audio of the car is poor
Car manufacturers are not the most concerned about the quality of the in-car audio configuration. They do not pay attention to unprofessionalism in production and development. In order to reduce costs, they will not consider the quality of the sound quality. They purchase low-cost speakers, ordinary materials, and low power, around 15W , Low analysis power, insufficient sensitivity, high distortion, just sound, there will be buzzing noise when the sound is loud, not to mention the enjoyment of sound effects, layering, reduction, fidelity, etc., even if it is a high-end car manufacturer The audio equipment has been improved a lot, but it is still far from the professional sound effect; whether this is the case, the fact proves that the difference between the original car sound effect and the truly wonderful sound quality can be known by comparing it to the storefront. , Understand and understand the inner depth of music.
2. Driving pleasure requires wonderful sound quality, and it is necessary to modify
If you want to enjoy the thrilling songs while driving, enjoy the beautiful melody, and indulge in the beautiful singing accompanied by mobile music, if you have a certain love and love for music, have a little knowledge in music appreciation , It is necessary to modify the car’s audio to a relative degree. It can cost tens of thousands of yuan to enjoy a fever, and as little as a few thousand yuan is enough. Turn on the car audio at any time to enjoy the original sound and lifelike sound. The sound is full and thick. The voice is with you.
3. When the city traffic is congested and traffic jams, relieve boredom
Waiting for a long time will be boring, boring, uneasy, bored, how to pass the suffering time, you need moving and sweet music to adjust the nerve organs and sensory discomfort,
4. Long-distance driving, long-distance driving, relief from fatigue
In a state of tension for a long time, excessive concentration, easy to work, loneliness and fatigue, everyday drivers know that they need music to pass the boring time, but the original car audio sounds very poor, the sense of layering is unclear, and the details are blurred , The sound is chaotic, distorted and noisy, and beautiful songs need to be replaced with high-quality speakers. It is more necessary to use a matching power amplifier to promote high-quality speaker operations, so that the sound effects can be freely received and played, clear and clear, realistic, natural and comfortable.
5. Improve the ignorance and level of life
Enjoy fun and fashion, improve the quality of life; cars are not just a means of transportation, decorate your car, upgrade the audio modification, impair the love of life, the infinite musical charm, make life more connotation and taste; hobbies Music is everyone’s pleasure. Only by knowing more deeply and having more differences can there be quality improvement, the companionship of interest and realm, and passion.
6. Relieve stress, relax nerves, and lead a healthy lifestyle
Music is not just a kind of entertainment. Many components affect people's psychology and emotions, but also affect human physiology, such as depression, neurasthenia, fatigue, high blood pressure, anxiety, sadness, unconfidence, etc. Many media reports that music prescriptions can be cured disease.
As the saying goes: Use alcohol to dissipate your sorrows, make you more sorrowful, listen to a song, and relieve your worries; modern life is tight, fast-paced, stressful, difficult life and work problems, overwhelmed, unemployed, laid-off, loss-making, bankrupt, and energetic Depressed, complicated business, sullen and so on. Need to relax and relax, need to cultivate sentiment, need recuperation and adjustment, tired and annoyed, listen to sweet music, busy and busy, let the car gift With the upgrade of audio equipment, there is a life regulator that always accompanies you, always enjoy and appreciate the wonderful music, joyful and happy, relieve the worries of life, care for yourself, improve the quality, adjust the environment and atmosphere of life, its "joy" endless.
Attention to audio modification
The primary concern of audio modification is the circuit problem. When refitting and repairing the car audio, you must go to a professional refitting shop. The original car circuit will not be damaged during the construction, which will affect the vehicle warranty and guarantee after-sales service. When wiring, separate power lines, audio lines, and signal lines, and shield and protect the lines.
1. Reserve upgrade space
There is generally a step-by-step process for refitting audio. The approximate order is to first change the speakers, upgrade the power amplifier, add the woofer, and finally replace the host.
It is best to reserve room for upgrade, upgrade gradually, pick a set of high-quality speakers, there is already a lot of room for improvement in sound quality, and then upgrade the amplifier and speakers. Finally, upgrade the host with strong analytical power to achieve HIFI sound quality.
2. Choose a good style
Qiqi.com recommends that first of all, according to the preference of listening to music, choose a suitable brand and style, and reasonably match the equipment, especially the selection and wiring of wires, the installation and warranty of the equipment, and the waterproofing. In order to get twice the result with half the effort.
3. Modification process
The driving environment of the car may be very harsh, so the installation process is very important, and it is not allowed to find someone to construct. Regular professional modification will generally provide a warranty period of about one year. If the modification business cannot provide a longer warranty period, it is recommended to choose another store.
Misunderstanding of car audio modification
Misunderstanding 1: Overemphasize the bass effect
The large-caliber subwoofer (not less than 8-inch cone) and the driving amplifier are the external driving force to achieve the bass effect. As everyone knows, the bass will turn into noise under the distortion state. In addition, the placement of the woofer is also very important. If your trunk is large enough, place the subwoofer and power amplifier here. Since there is less noise interference from the engine, doors, seats, etc., the bass you get is relatively pure and full. Otherwise, no matter how much bass is emphasized, it will be self-deception.
Misunderstanding 2: The idea of pursuing one step is unrealistic
A beginner who is a beginner can clarify his own taste through simple modification, so that the cost is low and the effect is obvious; next, he must perform "larger surgery" according to his own preferences, such as the number and installation of various speakers or amplifiers Location, and the desired effect, etc. Before the age of 30, you may like rock music with a strong sense of metal and are more sensitive to high and low pitches. As you grow older, your mentality will become more and more peaceful. The most you listen to may be light music or symphony. Therefore, the premise of one-step modification is neither scientific nor humane, and we cannot do it once and for all.
The space in the car is much smaller than the room, and the sound waves are easily interfered by electromagnetic and noise, and the sound field will also change the effect according to the different installation parts such as speakers and power amplifiers. In short, we can't blindly believe the effect on the audition cabinet.
Audio market development
In recent years, the number of private cars in China has continued to increase, which has brought huge space to the development of the car audio after-sales market. In 2002, China's car audio sales reached 2.8 billion yuan. In 2003, China's total car audio sales exceeded 4 billion yuan. In 2006, China's car audio sales reached about 7 million sets.
After the "Two Sessions" in 2006, independent brands have become a new "keyword" for the development of China's auto industry. In the context of the national government's promotion of independent innovation, many automakers have expressed a high profile that they want to enter their own brand cars. Correspondingly, this strong wave of independent brands has also blown into the closely related car audio field. At the same time, car audio products have changed the consumer trend of upgrading from decks to CDs in the past, and began to pursue the consumption of "upgrading" from pure audio CD enjoyment products to multimedia enjoyment products such as audiovisual and navigation. .
But now, world-class car audio multinational companies have entered China one after another, bringing many Chinese companies under their command and becoming their OEM production.

base. While celebrating the “climbing” of domestic car audio companies as "foreign big names", we cannot ignore the data: these foreign brands have taken away 80%-90% of the profits of their products, while processing companies have received only 20% or Quite a meager profit. There is no doubt that in the long run, Chinese car audio companies will become dwarfs under the hands of multinational companies that will never grow up. China's car audio industry calls for domestic brands.
Fault type
Although there are many types of audio equipment on different cars, and their circuits and mechanical applications are different, they all have the most basic fault characteristics. Regardless of the model, the following six typical faults can be summarized.
The whole machine does not work
There are many deficiencies seen in the daily maintenance of such failures, accounting for only 3% of the total maintenance.
This kind of fault mostly occurs on the power supply line, and it is prominently manifested in the power supply on the car, the internal circuit is burned, and the potentiometer switch contacts are burned out.
It is very difficult to repair this kind of fault for some ordinary and medium-sized machines, because the location of this kind of fault is relatively intuitive, the repair process is relatively simple, and there is no need to replace any parts. However, when this kind of failure occurs in some high-end car audio, its maintenance is relatively difficult. This is mainly because the power supply mode of some high-end machines is different from that of ordinary machines. Most of them use multi-level power supply, and it is difficult to quickly understand the role of the power supply line to reach a specific location, especially for models with electronic switch circuits. The design of the multi-stage push switch circuit is relatively subtle. If you want to find the fault point that causes the whole machine to not work, you need to go through a tortuous inspection process before you can draw a conclusion. Being able to find the point of failure is a sign of the success of repairing the machine. The rest is the replacement of damaged components. The key to its repair is whether damaged components, such as patch transistors, can be purchased.
Mechanical failure
Mechanical failure is a relatively common failure of car audio, accounting for about 60% of the total maintenance. The mechanical failures of car audio are prominently manifested in: tone change, twisting, and non-traveling. Damages include broken belts and grinding gears.
The difficulty of mechanical failure in daily maintenance is prominently manifested in the replacement of damaged parts. It is difficult to buy different parts from different machines in the electronic market. It is also because of some difficulties in purchasing parts that there are quite a few. A large number of machines have given up maintenance due to no replacement parts. Some emergency maintenance methods often used in actual maintenance include: removing parts from old machines, making self-made, filling teeth, piercing nails, and adding pads.
Playback tape
This kind of failure is more prominent in daily maintenance, which is a typical example of damage to the internal power amplifier integrated circuit, which accounts for about 30% of the total maintenance.
Since the car audio power amplifier integrated circuit is a common circuit for radio and playback, it is affected by factors such as long working hours, large heat generated by its own power, baking of the car body heat source, and unstable power supply, and there are more chances of damage.
There is a problem that it is difficult to purchase the original model integrated block during the daily maintenance of the power amplifier circuit failure. This is a practical problem that all maintenance personnel can encounter. It is not difficult to see from some machines that are usually touched, that the car audio power amplifier circuit basically uses BTL circuits, and this kind of integrated circuit has fewer peripheral components, and it is easier to repair by substitution. However, when some of the more special power amplifier integrated circuits used on high-end machines are damaged, because this machine controls the volume in the electronic circuit search, it is not like a potentiometer to control the volume to intuitively find the signal source, and the power amplifier integrated circuit There are also some differences between the peripheral circuit and the BTT circuit. Therefore, the replacement method requires a more detailed judgment process to restore the machine to normal.
No sound
This kind of fault is not seen too much in actual maintenance. Most of the fault points are in the power supply line open circuit, which accounts for about 3% of the entire maintenance volume.
There are two phenomena of this kind of failure, one is that the playback machine doesn't sound, and the other is that the playback doesn't carry the meta sound.
When checking and repairing this kind of malfunction, the normal radio can confirm that the power amplifier circuit is normal. When the playback tape machine does not sound, the general fault point is only the power supply line of the playback pre-stage is broken. If there is a small noise when the machine is not running, the general failure point is only in the sound power supply position of the radio and sound switch.
If this kind of fault occurs in some ordinary and intermediate machines, it is not difficult to eliminate it, and the general fault point is easy to determine. However, if this kind of fault occurs, in some high-end machines, such as those with electronic receiving and playback conversion circuits, it is more difficult to quickly locate and determine the fault point when troubleshooting. This requires maintenance personnel to be able to Carefully determine the specific location of the electronic conversion control circuit, and then further check the fault point.
Radio does not ring
There are not many such failures encountered in daily maintenance. Most of the failure points are on the radio power supply line, and the interruption circuit is relatively common, accounting for about 3% of the entire maintenance volume.
To repair this kind of failure, the focus should be on checking the position of the radio point of the receiver and playback switch, because the fault is manifested as AM and FM radio is not ringing, so the fault point is basically at the key point of the radio power supply line.
Similarly, this kind of failure can appear in some high-end models, especially in circuits that use electronic switches to switch between receiving and playing sounds and display control circuits. Correspondingly, there are some difficulties in troubleshooting, because this kind of circuit switch interlocking control circuit is more complicated, and checking the fault point requires a tortuous detection process to determine the specific location of the transfer switch.
CD does not play
This kind of failure can also be encountered in high-end car stereos that share the power amplifier circuit between CD and radio, but because the models with CD players are not very popular, maintenance only accounts for 1% of the total maintenance.
Generally, the faults of the single spy machine, the six spy machine, and the ten spy machine are mostly in the control circuit, power supply line, circuit and mechanical part of the spy machine itself. When the CD player used in a car fails, it is generally difficult to repair, because there are basically no accessories. For example, if the cartridge is damaged, it is difficult to purchase new parts and it will not be able to complete the repair process of the spy player.
In addition, repairing the car CD player is the most troublesome task, because the spy machine and the control host must be removed from the car at the same time during the entire repair process. Generally, there are two kinds of spy machines, no pulse circuit and pulse circuit control. The spy selection method is extremely special, and the mechanical ladder selection spy method has no precedent in home appliances.

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