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eBay announcement: Multi-attribute item publication

2021-02-10 546
Recently, eBay issued a notice about "multi-attribute article publication". The original notice is as follows:

By adding multiple attributes to the item listing, sellers can use the item attributes to group closely related items under one item listing.

For example, if the seller sells shoes, the seller can create a multi-attribute item listing that contains different sizes.

All items classified under a listing must be closely related. Sellers can choose from a list of attribute details (such as size, color or width) to describe the relationship between these items.

Multi-attribute usage specification changes

eBay announcement: Multi-attribute item publication

From February 22, 2021, eBay will make changes to the specifications for the use of item attributes. Among them, some attribute tags will no longer be allowed to be published as multiple attributes. This change will help sellers understand the specifications of multi-attribute publication, under what circumstances should multi-attribute publication be used, and under what circumstances need to be published separately.

When the seller modifies a listing affected by this change, the following error message will be displayed on the page: "This attribute is invalid for this style. Please add a valid attribute.

If the seller sees this error message, please first try to update your item listing, otherwise the listing will not go online, please replace the wrong attribute in time and look for other alternative attributes to more accurately describe the relationship between the items. For example, when publishing kitchen faucets, sellers used the label "type" as a multi-attribute to describe different surface materials such as "stainless steel", "polished copper", and "chrome". Now sellers can change the multi-attribute to "Surface Material" instead of using "Type".

If the seller cannot find a replaceable attribute, he needs to recreate a separate listing, and the original listing will not be online. For example, when publishing tools, sellers may previously use "type" to describe details such as "hammer", "wrench" and "screwdriver". In this case, these items are not closely related and cannot be classified under one listing. The multi-attribute "type" will be removed, and the seller will need to re-publish these items separately.

This change will help the seller's multi-attribute items to be displayed on the correct search results page, and enable buyers to purchase the seller's items with more confidence.
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