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Novice Practice: A few things to note when opening a store on Amazon

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We have more or less heard the story of selling on Amazon and selling out explosives and sellers getting rich overnight. So, what exactly is the bible for getting rich?

The correct selection is the first step to sound the horn of victory. Amazon seller tool IO Scout can do you a big favor. It combines the advantages of most seller tools on the market and maximizes it. In addition, Amazon FBA can smooth out many concerns of sellers on the way to shop. As the saying goes, "Technology has specialization." As one of Amazon's core businesses, FBA can provide sellers with picking, packaging, and terminal distribution services, saving sellers and local logistics interaction time, and putting more energy on selection Isn’t that great in terms of product analysis and personal investment? After paying the corresponding fees, sellers using FBA only need to stock up and send them to Amazon's warehouse, and Amazon will help with the rest. Sellers mainly overcome issues such as product selection, profit calculation, marketing, and listing, which is a win-win model.

Amazon FBM

Different from FBA, FBM gives sellers more autonomy. Although sellers need to be responsible for the packaging, sales and distribution of goods themselves, they also avoid paying Amazon's goods storage and warehousing and other expenses that accompany FBA services. In the FBM mode, sellers can choose to sell the goods themselves or ship them to Amazon as a wholesaler for secondary sales.

FBM sellers have full discretion for the following points:

·The size and selection of goods;

·Control stocking and distribution;

·Quality control;

·in stock;

The advantages of FBA are reflected in the proper management of goods for sellers and the provision of packaging and local distribution services, eliminating the need for sellers to deliver and warehousing a series of troubles during the sales process. After the seller has prepared the goods and listing, they can upload it to the Amazon catalog and make a shipping plan to the Amazon FBA storage center.

Novice Practice: A few things to note when opening a store on Amazon

How to get started for novice sellers

The reason why FBA is favored by many sellers is that it solves the main problems of sellers’ product custody and local distribution, but some sellers will choose FBM. ASC provides sellers with a store platform, and sellers are fully involved in a series of sales links. VC enjoys the autonomy to control profits and prices, while VC adopts the method of subcontracting goods to Amazon for sale after the seller negotiates with Amazon.

With millions of daily visitors on Amazon, sellers don’t need to worry about being sold out. While enjoying FBA’s services of picking, packaging, and terminal delivery, sellers should also pay attention to research on product listing, product retrieval, and niche benefits. To maximize benefits.

Several processes for opening FBA:

·Find a niche market

In the process of product selection, it is necessary to carefully examine whether the spot and supply of the goods are stable, the future trend of the product market demand, etc., which are very important for future sales.

·market survey

It is very important to investigate the market competitiveness and demand of products.

·Create your FBA account

Log in to the official Amazon backstage to create an FBA account. If you already have an account, you can add FBA in the settings.

·Stocking/listing creation

After registering, start hoarding and stocking, and create a product listing. It can be imported into Amazon's product catalog individually or in batches. Many sellers will use API applications to achieve product/sales data conversion.


Pack the goods with appropriate packing materials. If you have questions about packaging, you can ask Amazon to mail the recommended packaging style and packaging materials to the seller for reference.

·Ship to Amazon warehousing center

After specifying the transportation plan, the goods are sent to the FBA storage center. The seller will receive the waybill number for inquiries, and the buyer will also receive the waybill number if they purchase goods in transit.

·Customers place an order, Amazon delivers

Everything is ready, the next step is the sales link. Member users enjoy priority delivery, and general customers can enjoy free delivery under certain circumstances. Is it very simple?

How to choose

How to choose products? Understanding the product itself, as well as market demand and potential, and exploring business opportunities and niche markets are the top priorities for sellers to plan their sales strategies. There are many paid and free versions of Amazon seller assistants, such as IO Scout, which can be very useful. Help the seller solve the above problems. IO Scout provides necessary functions such as product search, sales statistics, and logistics tracking.

IO Scout Amazon Seller Assistant

IO Scout’s product database has more than 12 million Amazon product categories. Sellers can find their favorite products and have in-depth understanding of products based on product sales, revenue, historical prices, price trends, evaluations and rankings, and spot status. The potential of the company will be very clear after analysis; in addition, you can accurately find the information you need through catalogs, price parameters, seller rankings, etc.

*If you are not satisfied, you can get an unconditional refund within 5 days of the subscription. In addition, free tools such as IO Scout FBA calculator and product sales view are available to sellers.

How to use IO Scout

The era of sellers fighting alone is over, because IO Scout can share nearly 90% of the complicated work for sellers. Sellers can focus on product development and operation. Next, let's take a look at some of the powerful functions of IO Scout!

·Amazon extension

Sellers using Google Chrome can install the IO Scout extension to view data such as sales and income of sold products, and analyze product trends to make adjustments.

·Amazon Product Search Tool

Finding suitable products is not an easy task. Sellers can use IO Scout to provide accurate information, combined with peer sales, product sales and revenue analysis products to make judgments.

·Amazon Product Tracker

Product tracker can help sellers know the place of origin, the flow of products from the supplier to the completion of the delivery of the goods, and the seller can calculate the expected income and expenditure.

·Amazon Keyword Tool

The importance of keywords is self-evident. IO Scout will help sellers filter out keywords that are less competitive but retain a certain amount of monthly searches, and increase the ranking of product categories. The use of high-frequency words will greatly reduce the exposure of the product itself. It only takes this small step to open the gap with the peers.

·Listing optimization assistant

The optimization assistant helps sellers solve the problems of detail pages and keyword writing, optimizes the entire system, and saves sellers time.

·Sales analysis tools

The sales volume of a product largely determines the product selection, and sales analysis tools can record sales and revenue, and analyze product conditions.

·Inventory management tools

Inventory management tools remind sellers of inventory status so as to replenish and sell goods in time.

·24/7 after-sales service

IO Scout provides users with 24/7 service. If you have any questions, you can contact customer service.

FBA notice

·Pricing/FBA fees

*(Be sure to add FBA fees to the cost calculation!)

·Distribution/clearance costs

The cost per unit of FBA warehouse management is US$2.41, and the cost of oversized objects or goods is as high as US$137.

·Long-term storage costs

If the product is unsalable for more than one year, the goods will be charged at a storage fee of $6.9/cubic foot or $0.15 per unit, and will eventually be charged with a high bill.

·Monthly Fee

The monthly payment is 40$, and no FBA fee will be charged for a single order. If you choose to pay the FBA fee based on a single order, it will be charged at 0.99$/piece, and an additional $0.45-$1.50 will be required.

·Seller stocks

Amazon has strict requirements for sellers to properly package the goods. Sellers need to check the Amazon database and label them according to the process and mail them to the correct warehouse. Sellers may be returned by Amazon as a warning because of poor packaging.

·Handling of returns

Amazon’s return policy is oriented towards consumers, and refunds for returns are normal, and sellers need to appease customers’ work so as not to undermine the reputation of the store by bad reviews.

Advantages of FBA

FBA and FBM have their own advantages and disadvantages, but FBA can save sellers a lot of time and cost, provide local warehousing and distribution services, help kitchen sellers deal with returns and refunds, and solve sellers’ various problems in a timely manner. FBA transportation guarantees that customers receive the goods in time and provide properly packaged services, which are deeply trusted and supported by sellers and customers. With Amazon's strong user base and high-quality products and operations, the sellers' business is bound to be booming.
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